If you are like most skateboarders out there wondering whether you can bring skateboards on a plane. Then, you have come to the right place!

Whether you’re going on vacation to have fun or competing in a sports event, you need to know the rules and if you can bring your skateboard and other equipment in your carry-on.

Since airlines are charging passengers more and more for extra luggage, many travelers opt to travel carry-on only, though they have limited space in small bags and more restrictions on what they can bring. 

It may be confusing for passengers to find out what other items they can bring from different airlines.

What about skateboards? Are skateboards allowed on planes, and do you have to pay for them?

Here, Let me give you a short answer before we get into the details.

On most airlines, skateboards can be brought as carry-ons and checked baggage. However, because they won’t fit the carry-on size restrictions, it is preferable to transport them in checked baggage.

Are skateboards TSA approved?

In checked bags, skateboards are allowed by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Additionally, they can be carried as carry-ons too. 

But each airline, however, has its own rules and regulations.

Moreover, the TSA asserts that the final decision about whether an item can pass through the checkpoint rests with the TSA officer.

The TSA doesn’t want any issues to arise. In the event that you are being given a hard time, stay polite and respectful and try negotiating with them to get a solution.

Is it possible to bring a skateboard on a plane?

The answer to that question is yes, you are allowed to bring your skateboard on a plane both as checked baggage and as carry-on luggage.

However, most airlines allow skateboards on planes, but you should always check the airline’s baggage policy before buying your ticket to avoid any unpleasant surprises at security or when boarding.

If your skateboard fits under the seat perfectly, Then you can carry it on board as a carry-on, and you might need a bag to protect it.

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Is it possible to take a skateboard as carry-on luggage?

Yes, There is no question that you can take a skateboard on a plane as hand luggage as long as it is within the carry-on weight and size limits of your airline.

Depending on the airline, your skateboard may be considered a carry-on if it is within or under the size requirements.

Before you take your skateboard with you on board the airplane, make sure that you check with your airline first before taking it as hand luggage. Generally, airlines allow two carry-on bags, so that may affect whether or not you can take your main bag with you.

List of which airlines allow skateboards as carry-ons or checked luggage

AirlinesCarry on baggageChecked baggage
United AirlinesNoYes
American AirlinesNoYes
Alaska AirlinesNoYes
Air CanadaYesYes
Spirit AirlinesNoYes
Hawaiian AirlinesNoYes

What is the best way to carry a skateboard on a plane?

It is best to disassemble your skateboard before flying. If you have a skateboard backpack, you can place your skateboard deck inside your suitcase and your trucks in your backpack. 

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Alternatively, if you do not have a bag, you can either use a duffel bag that has straps or look for a backpack that has straps.

When flying with a skateboard, how much does it cost?

Skateboards will usually be accepted as carry-on luggage or as checked baggage by most airlines.

If it is free for the first luggage on an airline, Then you will be able to transport it as your first checked bag.

Be sure to check with airlines about the fees involved for bringing your skateboard.

Wrap up on whether you can bring your skateboards on a plane

In most airlines, skateboards are allowed through the security checkpoint, but you should consider the size and weight of the luggage that your airline allows.

There is a good chance that most airlines will count your skateboard as your standard checked baggage, and the same rules apply as with your suitcase.


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