Proper sizing of roller skates is an important part of the buying process. A properly fitted skate will be more comfortable and supportive.

Poor-fitting skates can cause poor performance, sore feet, and a lack of desire to skate.

Properly sized roller skates will provide better support, greater power transfer, and more comfort when skating.

This guide will explain how to size roller skates correctly for children, men, and women.

Learn the basics of sizing and break downtime information to determine your size.

General Sizing Information

Most roller skates will fit the same size as your standard shoes.

If you are a size 8 in your shoes, then a size 8 roller skates will be perfect.

measuring tab

Many brands of skates can make their skates the same size as other brands, making it easy to measure.

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You may feel too small when you try on your skates for the first time. However, some tricks will ensure that they fit correctly.

The skates might be too small if your toes are too curled or crooked. Try putting them on and bending at the knees for a better idea about how your skates fit when they have been broken in.

Your toes will come off the front when you’re in a skate position. This position will give you a better idea of how the skates will fit after being used.

Checking a Kid’s Size on Roller Skates

Place the skates on the child’s feet and then have them push their toes toward the front. Check the area behind the heel to make sure there is enough room.

The goal should be to leave a pencil width of about one finger behind their heel. As the skates are too large, any extra space will cause support and comfort problems.

Should I Choose Tight or Loose Roller Skates?

The golden rule of proper skate fit, regardless of brand or type, is to ensure it’s as snug as possible without making your foot feel uncomfortable or painful.

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We guarantee that your skates will stretch a lot. They will fit like a glass slipper once they have stretched.

Should My Toes Touch The End of My Roller Skates?

There should be no slippage of your foot in the skate boots.

Your skate boots should fit snugly, not loose, and not like the slippers you wear in your home or slip-on shoes. Your toes shouldn’t touch the boot’s end but should be slightly touching.

Break in time

Roller skates will require some time to break in. It will take some time for the skates to mold around your feet. This will give you a more comfortable fit and better performance. High-end models require more time to fully break them in due to the stiffer boots and more formable padding.

Do I Need to Size Down in Roller Skates?

The short answer to this question is that most skates run in US men’s shoe sizes and that you often want to size down.

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It is generally safest to assume this unless it is explicitly stated otherwise.

It is always a good idea for you to try on a skate in real life, regardless of whether you have found the perfect fit in one model.

Usually, skates fit differently, the same way shoes from different brands do.

Roller Skate Width

Most roller skates are available in standard widths, which most skaters find great. You can find certain models in narrower, medium, and wider widths, but these will only be available on high-end skates.

A standard width skate will fit most people. However, skaters with wide feet may prefer a wider width.

Last Thoughts

You can measure your foot by using a piece of paper. Then, have someone trace it.

These tips will help you get your own pair of roller skates.

Before you buy, make sure to measure your foot. You will soon be able to skate like a pro with the right pair of roller skates.

Let’s go get you some new skates!


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