Jam skating is a new sport that combines dance and roller skates.

The difference between Jam Skating and ordinary roller skates are: 

  • Dance with music 
  • Gorgeous dance moves 
  • Battling with each other 

Usually, they use break dancing, modern dance, gymnastic, and hip hop. 

Hip hop is the most common. 

Most of what you see on the Internet is mainly hip hop. 

Look Good… But it’s not that simple to do…

Their Roller Skates Are Not The Same As What We Usually Use.

Why jam skaters can swing the roller skates under their feet so easily?

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It’s because…

The Secrets Are In Their Roller Skates.

To do those difficult moves, their roller skates usually use low cuts so that they can achieve better flexibility and achieve that seemingly impossible dance.

Their Roller Skate Wheels. 

Most jam skaters use wider wheels to stabilize their bodies, from what I know. 

Of course, some people still like to use thinner wheels because thinner wheels give them flexibility.

Types Of Jam Skating Skills To Get Started 

Crazy Lag

It looks a bit silly, nonsensical footsteps, just like his name.

It has several steps. You can also refer to it. 

Perhaps you can also do one of them?

Grape Vine 

This movement is more of a sideways skate movement and then twists your waist.

It looks like an octopus. Very interesting.

The Moonwalk

This action should not need to do more to explain, right?

Video On How People Perform Jam Skating

This is the video I saw on youtube. I just want to share it with you to understand what jam skating is.

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how? Isn’t his movement gorgeous? 

Is Jam Skating Suitable For Roller Skates Beginner?

Short Answer: No

Sorry if you’re disappointed with this answer, but it’s the truth.

If you don’t have the foundation of dance, it’s better not to try jam skating.

In the beginning, you need to lay the roller skates foundation first. 

After you lay a solid foundation, you can start to learn those tricks. 

Finally, combined dance and roller skates. By that time, the focus will be on you.

What Happens After You Have The Roller Skates Foundation?

You can learn the easiest tricks first after you have built up a solid foundation. 

For example, the moonwalk I mentioned just now. 

If you haven’t watched it, you can scroll back up.

Who Invented Jam Skating?

I spent a long time researching who started this jam skating, but there is no record at all.

Maybe there was no term at the time.

Everyone saw that this mixed method was very interesting and followed.

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But there is a record of which area Jam skating started from. 

In my research, it started in the great lakes region, but there are also some debates about this. So far, is the most credible area of jam skating originate from i can found on internet.

When Did It Become Popular?

Surveys show the bee-bop style’s rise around the late 1950s and 1960s.

In the 1970s, This is when the rise of roller discos, the older generation should know.

After that, it was derived from the jam skating of today’s hybrid dance.


Now that you know what jam skating is, I have also found related videos to make it easier to understand their actions and history.

Sorry about that. I really can’t find a more credible source of jam skating history. 

If you want to know more about roller skating knowledge or guild. You can always read my other blog on this website.



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