You may be wondering what happens to your skates if they are too large.

This is a question that many new roller skaters struggle to answer. Roller skating that is too large can lead to frustration and painful ice times. This makes the experience less enjoyable.

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Knowing the consequences of not fitting correctly on roller skates is crucial. You are likely also trying to figure out the solution, rather than simply “Forget about it, get another pair!”

Are There Any Solutions for Bigger Roller Skates?

Everyone knows the best solution – buy a new pair of skates (that fit). These stand-bys can help you make up the space you need in your current skates.

  • Wear thicker socks or two layers of socks.
  • Add a make-up pad to the socks.
  • Newspaper or crumble cloth in the toes.
  • Use thicker insoles
  • Use cork inserts to cover insoles
  • Use ankle support
  • Make sure to tighten the laces and straps.
  • Two sets of laces are needed for each boot: one for the top and one for the bottom.
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Stuffing your skates with stuffing should not be considered a permanent solution. Safety and comfort should be top priorities.

If you’ve tried several bullet points simultaneously and your feet still keep sliding all over the place, perhaps it is time to sell your old skates to get an upgrade.

What Insoles Do I Need To Use With My Roller Skates?

What insoles are the best for roller skating? It’s difficult to answer this question.

Let me just tell you what I use and what many others use for roller skating.

The Superfeet Insoles are the best I have ever used.

Which insole should I choose, the Pro Carbon Superfeet or the Hockey Comfort?

I would say to go with what you love. Both have been tried and tested, but I didn’t notice any difference in their performance. Carbon insoles have a stiffer plate, while Comfort insoles do not.

The Comfort option is my favorite because it offers a better fit and slightly better performance. The price is reasonable.

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The Carbon insoles provide more support but are more expensive.

Both insoles are very stiff and provide plenty of it where it is needed.

However, Pro Carbon insoles feel more inflexible, and some skaters complain of pain after just a few minutes. It all comes down to personal preference.

How Do You Know If Your Roller Skates Fit OK?

These are the criteria you should consider when buying or renting skate shoes.

  • Shoes should fit snugly and be close to your big toes without touching.
  • Wear thin socks and tie the laces tightly. You should now be able to place your index finger on the back of the skates.
  • You should adjust the top ratchet strap so you can bend your knees while still receiving enough support.
  • Check that your heels fit into the back of the skate. Once your feet are all set, you can kick the skate back to the ground to bring the heels back in.
  • If you are standing on skates with laces or traps tied, bend your knees so that they reach the bottom of the boots when you look down.


It’s not always possible or efficient to make roller skates smaller. But there are some things you can do to fix the problem.

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You can heat mold your boots. You can also wear multiple socks. You can also insert insoles into the boots. Fourth, you can use toe gel. You can also use waxed laces.

You can also change how you tie your laces. Two laces can be used for each skate instead of one. One lace should be used for the lower part and one for the upper.

What if your boots feel too big despite all the suggestions? Perhaps it’s time for a new pair.


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