This article is ideal for everyone who wants to know how to choose the best skate for them.

This article provides quick guides to the most basic quad skate classes. This will give you a good overview of all kinds of skates and the differences between them.

Speed Skates

Speed Skates

Quad skates are becoming more popular, despite the popularity of inline skates. Speed skates are similar to running shoes but are specifically designed for speed. They have a “close to the foot,” which gives them a striking resemblance to normal skate boots.

Speed skates are designed for speed only! The skate is made with less padding and lighter material (plate).

This type of roller skate allows the skaters to roll over long distances and is also ideal for intense training sessions.

The boot will usually have a low cut below the ankle. This is to allow for flexibility, movement and ease of use. These are the essential ingredients to maneuvering quickly.

Jam Skates

Jam Skates

Jam skates are lightweight and feature a low cut in the ankle area that allows for enough motion. This allows jam skaters to show fancy footwork.

The position of your toe is one of the distinguishing features between “speed skates” and “jam skating.” Speed skates have a speed stop that can sometimes get in the way of jam-skating stunts.

Jam skates come with a toe-plug, but you have the option to change it with many colours to match your taste and preferences.

Outdoor Skates

Outdoor Skates

These skates are meant to be outdoors. The outdoor skates are available in either high-top or low-top boots.

Outdoor skates have wheels that are specially designed for use outdoors, where there is less smooth ground.

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The wheels are the main difference between an indoor and outdoor skate. Outdoor wheels are softer, flexible and absorbent, allowing smoother riding on uneven surfaces.

Indoor Skates

Indoor Skates

There are two types of indoor skates: Rhythm skate and artistic skate.

Artistic Skates

This type of roller skate is very similar to ice skating and figure skating. The old fashion silhouette is what you associate with artistic skates.

A boot with a higher cut boot provides better ankle support than a skate with a lower cut; this is crucial when performing spins and jumps.

High heels are a common feature in artistic skates. The skate’s front plate is heavy, which increases agility and control. These are the most important aspects of artistic skating.

Take note that you will need to have different types of skate shoes for different skate types. These shoes are required for this category.

Rhythm Skates

This type of skate is very similar to an artistic skate. However, both are used for dancing.

On the other hand, the rhythm skates are not primarily intended for break dancing. They are instead used to perform old-school moves.

This style is designed to ensure that all wheels are properly positioned on the ground. The primary focus is to ensure that the wheels bounce and roll in tune with the music.

Roller Derby Skates

Roller Derby Skates

Roller derby skating is an intense sport wheel activity. Although it provides entertainment for skaters, the process can sometimes be rough.

While the derby skate shares many similarities with the jam skates, it has more padding that protects against the impact other skaters can have on the track.

The unique Velcro strap on roller derby skates is an added bonus to traditional laces. It secures the fit and locks down the skate. Others roller skates don’t have these velcro straps.

Roller Skates for Kids

Roller Skates for Kids

Skates for kids are made specifically for young skaters. These skates look great, but they are not as fast as other types of skates. Skate shoes for kids are made to withstand skates’ daily wear and tear.

Inline Skates

Inline Skates

There are three Inline rollerblade shoes: Recreational, Racing, and Roller Hockey.

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Recreational Skates

These recreational skates are also known as fitness skates and are made for those who want to be active outdoors.

These boots have a high top, which provides excellent support for the feet and ankles.

These recreational skates are extremely comfortable, so they can be skated for longer.

Racing Skates

Simply put, racing skates are those that were made to go fast. The boot (or shoe) is made to fit as close as possible to your feet, allowing for the greatest wind resistance.

These skate wheels can be interchanged to enable the skaters to skate outdoors or indoors.

Roller Hockey Skates

These skates are designed for roller hockey. Roller hockey is very popular, especially among young people. Due to the nature and abuse of the sport, these skates are made to withstand it.

Which type of Roller Skating should you choose?

As we have already mentioned, many types of skates can be used for different roller skating styles. Try as many types of roller skating as possible before you decide which one you like.

Otherwise, It’s impossible to know which one you will like.

Let’s get into the details of each one.

Casual Skating

This is the average skater you’ll see on the street, rink, or park.

This is where most people start before they move on to other types of skating.

Skating is an easy sport to learn and is great for exercise.

Artistic Skating

Artistic skating refers to a type of figure skating that requires precise choreography.

The idea was inspired by ice skaters and is much like ice skating. Skaters must maintain good form and posture in jumps, spins, and movement.

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Some competitions can be won by individuals, couples, dancers, or synchronized groups. Although quad skates were the norm, some people prefer inline skates.

If you’re an ice skater, artistic skating might appeal to you more than ice skating. Many of your skills can be transferred to this sport.

Jam Skating

Jam skating is often described as breakdancing on skates by many.

Jam skating is great for those who enjoy dancing but are looking for a challenge in skating and a mix of gymnastics.

The original origins of jam skating were traditional roller discos. It has evolved over the years and has been heavily influenced by other art forms, such as breakdancing and artistic skating.

Many competitions involve other skaters, just like a dance contest.

Speed Skating

Speed skating is, as you may have guessed, a combination of speed and racing.

Although it may seem like this, the sport has many aspects. Skaters do not race against each other but must also maneuver and strategize quickly to reach the finish line.

Speed skating can be done with both inline and quad skates.

Aggressive Skating

Although it may seem intimidating, this is just a skating equivalent to BMX and skateboarding. This sport is for adrenaline junkies. If you have experience with other forms of skating, your transition will be easier.

Your safety is, however, the most important consideration. When performing dangerous tasks, make sure you are wearing protective gear.


Roller skating has a lot of versatility compared to other sports.

It doesn’t have a single way of doing it. Anyone can do it in any form. You can do it anywhere there is good weather and flat ground. It has been popular for many years and will continue to be so for many more years to come.

We wish you a lot of fun and success with your roller skating. Happy skating!


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