Roller skating can be an individual sport or team sport depending which type of roller skating you are in. 

In roller derby, for example, you are part of a team that skates against another team, while In street skating, you skate by yourself.

Types of roller skating

There are several types of roller skating, which determine whether it is an individual or team sport.

1. Roller derby (Team Sports)

Roller derby is a team sport. A roller derby game consists of short scrimmages (jams) in which each team designates a jammer and four blockers. 

When a jammer laps members of the opposing team, he or she scores points. 

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Teams simultaneously try to hinder their opponents’ jammers while also assisting their own jammers, effectively playing offense and defense.

2. Quad roller skating (Individual Sports)

Quad roller skating is an individual sport that is typically done in a rink. There are many different techniques that can be used when skating, and it is important to use the correct one for the situation. Skaters can use different speeds to get around the rink, and can also do tricks such as spins and jumps.

3. Artistic Roller Skating (Individual & Team Sports)

It is a sport that consists of a number of events (Figures, Dance, Freestyle and Precision Teams) usually accomplished on quad skates, though sometimes inline skates are used.

4. Roll Ball (Team Sports)

Like handball on roller skates, players must bounce the ball while moving and score goals by shooting the ball into the opposing team’s goal.

5. Road skating (Individual Sports)

Similarly to road cycling, road skating is the sport of skating on roads, also known as inline skating or quad roller skating. 

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It is also the use of sidewalks and other paved areas as skating surfaces. 

6. Jam skating (Individual & Team Sports)

Jam skating is a skating style consisting of a combination of dance, gymnastics, and roller skating, performed on roller skates.

Conclusion on whether roller skating is individual sport or a team sport

In conclusion, roller skating can be both an individual and team sport depending on the type of roller skating you are participating in. 

Roller derby is a great example of a team sport, while Road skating is a good example of an individual sport. 

No matter which type of roller skating you choose, it is a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time.


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