How to get started in roller skating?

This is for people who are coming back to skating or just got brand new pair of skates and don’t know what to do and don’t want to get hurt. 

So now, if you listen to me and think, I don’t need to know this, I already know how to skate? 

Don’t jump to conclusions too soon…

Skating Is Very Different Than Walking. 

If you think skating and walking are the same way, you should re-think again.

Once you put on a roller skate and walk the way you normally do, you’ll be hurt pretty quickly.

Another is that what beginners often see is kick their feet back, so can they really slide forward?

Can? you go try it…

First, Learn The Roller Skates Basic

Everyone is the same, everything has to be done step by step, whether it is life, work, the relationship between people, etc…

First, lay your foundation well before you think about how to fly.

How long it takes to learn the basics varies from person to person. If you already have friends around you playing roller skates, you can ask them for help. 

That way, you are already ahead of others.

Everyone’s talent is different. Some have motor cells, some don’t

No matter what, the winner is the one who sticks to the end

So, do not give up!

Roller Skates Gear We Need

If you are just starting to learn roller skate, I suggest that you prepare these gear, because I don’t know your talent for sports and whether you are a very bold and risk-taking person.

These basic gear preparations can help you reduce a lot of damage, at least when you fall:

  1. Helmet
  2. Knee pads
  3. Wrist pads (also called wrist guards)
  4. Elbow pads

How To Stand Up After Putting On Your Gear And Roller Skating.

Okay, now you’re ready for roller skates to put it on.

Now teach you how to stand up.

There are two ways:

  • First: Of course. The whole body squatted down after putting on the roller skates like when you squatted to poop.

After squatting firmly, toes up, toe stop touches the ground, and stand up.

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If you don’t know what a toe stop is, the toe stop has a round rubber at the bottom of your roller skates. That’s the toe stop.

  • The second way: Have you ever seen someone do one-leg squats in the gym? Just squat down with one foot and squat back with the other foot? That’s the action, but when you want to stand up, press the knees in front of you with your hands to help you stand up.

You Can Fall Easily If You Do Not Know How To Stand With a Roller Skate. 

Okay, I can see that you have been able to stand up successfully. 

Next, how do you stand with the right posture?

Are you thinking that standing still needs to be learned? Hehe, you haven’t fallen yet…

Because now our feet can’t directly touch the ground. Because of that, we can’t balance our bodies well. Roller skates come with wheels and are moving.

Once the center of gravity is off, it is easy to fall.

If you don’t want people to see you fall? 

I have two tricks to teach you…

  • The first trick is to stand with both feet and knees a little bit, and then make an L shape for the foot so that you can balance left and right, front and back
  • The second is the first move of the enhanced version. Once you stand in the L shape, one of your feet does a toe-up action. Use toe stop to lock your mobility to stand more stable.

What Is Your Upper Body Posture Going To Be Like?

Keep your core tight. If you dunno where your core is, the core is at your belly button area. 

Keep that tight!

Now that you’re doing the L shape stance, why does it still feel weird?

If so, try to check if it stays in a straight line from head to toe, is the body leaning to the other side, or is the neck too forward and backward?

If yes, pull your body up and keep a straight line from head to toe.

Chin up!

Look forward!

Shoulder straight!

Keep your core tight. If you dunno where your core is, the core is at your belly button area.


Keep that tight!

Just Get a Sense Of Your Roller Skates.

Try lifting one of your feet before you start skating, then switch sides.

The purpose is to get you comfortable with what it’s like to wear roller skates.

When you lift one of your feet up, you also use your core muscle.

What If We Are Off-Balance When We Skate?

Everyone falls, no matter how good you are. This is normal

But before you fall, there are actually some ways to prevent you from falling. 

Of course, it also depends on the circumstances under which you fall.

But Before you fall.

You can squat right away and put your hands forward like a superman.

Doing this will bring your center of gravity back to the center and prevent you from falling.

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Remember to act fast!

Now, We Can Start Learning The Correct Way To Skate

Now comes the most exciting steps.

Until here, I believe you should be ready.

I’ll be teaching you how to start to skate right.

1. First of all, do this “V” position with your feet. You don’t need to open your feet too much, just a little open.

2. Bend your knees slightly for stability and flexibility

3. This should be noticed by a few people. Although this is natural, some people may be nervous and cause their palms not to be upward. 

Try to see when you walk with your palms facing upwards. 

Does it feel strange to walk? Remember to face down so you don’t have a hard time swinging your upper body.

4. Now you can start skating. You have to move your bodyweight towards your left foot, and your nose is also towards your left foot.

Lean forward to your left foot and do the same to switch to the right. feet left and right

The more you focus on your knees, the more stable you will be

Skating is always swinging from side to side instead of kicking feet backward like walking.

In Short: Foot V shape –> knees are slightly bent –> be careful not to point your palms upward –> the center of gravity of the body shifting left and right + nose is in the direction you want to swing.

Too Hard? Try This…

We Called Bubble…

Feet in V shape I mention can’t understand?

The center of gravity shifting left to right also can’t understand?

In this case, I have a simpler move for you.

But this will be more tiring because you can’t rest in the middle. 

For example, suppose you do the movement I taught earlier, when you switch to one of the feet, such as the left foot is rolling. In that case, You can pause for a while to let him roll on the road, and when you feel the speed slowing down, you switch to another side and push forward, and the speed will increase. 

Do this repeatedly.

So what is bubble?

We call it bubble because the action is very similar to the bubble. The legs are opened out and then retracted. Repeatedly doing it will be similar to the bubble, and some people say it’s a bit like an octopus…

Imagine your legs are now in this “\ /” position.

Push your feet outward

Then the feet push inward to become an “/ \”

Like this…

\ /

/ \

\ /

/ \

\ /

/ \

Huh… my imagination is so strong that I can even think of this way of trying to make you understand…

What If I Want To Turn From One Side To Another While Skating?

Before turning your bearings, your feet should be wider than your shoulders.

You may ask, just turn from one direction to the other. Why should the feet be wider than the shoulders?

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Well, there’s a reason for this…

Its purpose is to better balance the body and be less prone to falls.

Once your feet are wider than your shoulders, your weight will shift to your lower body instead of your upper body.

To give you an example. 

When building a house, do they also lay the foundation?

Why are they laying foundations? Why is the foundation hit under the house and not on the roof?

Think about it.

Wait! You Haven’t Taught Me How To Stop!


You haven’t learned how to stop yet!

Let me teach you three tricks here, not much but enough for you.

I will teach you the easiest first and then move on to the more technical ones.

The First Trick Is To Run Into a Solid Object.

The easiest way to stop is to find a wall or a parked car (of course, be careful not to scratch other people’s cars)

Then go in the direction of the solid object and support the solid object with your hands.

Remember, don’t lock your hands rigidly. You need to bend a little, or you may be hurt instead of the solid object.

The Second Trick Is Called Plow Stop.

This is when you’re halfway through your skate. 

If you want to stop.

Squat down with your whole body. Just half squat, Transfer the weight of your whole body down.

Not sitting down, Just shift your body weight to your butt than your feet. The speed will slow down. 

Try it yourself. It’s amazing…

The Third Trick Toe Stop

Do your roller skates have a circle of plastic underneath? 

Yes, That is called toe stop.

There are many ways to use it. The simpler one is when you are skating, put one of your feet back, put the toe stop on the ground, and slowly make him stop.

Try these moves yourself and see which one works best for you. 

When you’re proficient, you can slowly learn new tricks to stop or use them in a mix.

Mistake Most Roller Skates Beginner Make.

I told you how to skate to how to stop. Now let’s talk about one of the mistakes I think most beginners make.

No Matter What! Don’t Look Down!

There’s nothing to see on the ground. Look forward.

Once your head is down, the center of gravity is not stable, which can easily cause you to fall.

You will ask, why are other people looking down while they skates?

Well, of course, you can, but only when you’re already familiar with how to skate.

It is not recommended that you do this at first.


Some may sound rigid to you.

It’s up to you to follow these steps or not.

As I said, everyone’s talent is different, some have athleticism, and some don’t.

I hope you can learn how to skate more easily after reading my guild.



My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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