Those born in the 70s and 80s probably get a little nostalgic when you see your kids doing roller skating outside those days.

Roller skating was so popular in the 80s. Popular people wrote songs about it, movies were made about it, and athletes endorsed it.

Everyone in all areas loved roller skating, jamming out to music, and partying like a roller disco night.

Freestyle roller skaters were constantly rolling around, showing off their balance skills. And 80s coolest kids still love their skate tricks!

Roller Skates In the 80s

Things were different in the ’80s. There were no iPhones or Instagram, not even video games or Netflix. Perhaps most importantly, there were no social media to post selfies on or web pages to read the news from.

Roller skating is a big part of most people’s lives and has brought joy to the hearts of many. 

This is why most outdoor activities are done with it, as a lot of fun could be had in roller skating, and roller rinks in New York are always packed on Saturday night.

People were on the rink with kids, playing games or just skating. It was a place where anyone could be by themselves and came together with family or friends.

The ’80s are like a distant memory, and it’s hard to imagine that it was different from the present, but falling to the ground while roller skating is just as awkward now. Even worse are those ‘cool’ Esprit shirts that may have been awkward as a trip back in the day.

Things That Involved Roller Skating In The 80s

The 1980s brought roller skating a lot more than it was in more recent years. It made children’s childhood great, creating tons of fun and memories. The 80s appreciate the activity for creating so many good memories.

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For a trip back to the ’80s, we have compiled a list of activities that involved roller skating.

1. Roller Disco

Roller skating is a really fun athletic activity, and in the ’80s, it became more popular than ever before. For a while, it seemed like everyone was into disco music too.

And they were put together in a genius idea. That’s when a craze was born – and it took the world by storm.

It’s like people were waiting for something crazy, and that something was roller disco.

Roller skating was largely seen as physical activity or sport before disco. But after the roller disco, roller skate became an event with historical importance.

Roller skating was not only a lifestyle choice for these enthusiasts, but it was also an accessible and convenient mode of transportation that allowed them to get around town quickly.

Furthermore, they loved the feeling of freedom that skating provided and the fun that came with all of it.

Some disco nights also have annual contests for different categories, like “Best Dressed” or “Best Moves.”

2. Roller Rinks

Roller rinks have a really big following and have even started springing up all across the States. Skating is just one of their draws, as many people come to spend time playing games and eating food there.

These institutions began roller disco in the past, and it’s become a sacred art for all to enjoy – regardless of age, race, body type, etc.

Musical content began evolving over time, and it was given into the hands of skaters who could now dance up a storm on their roller skates.

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get when you meet a roller rink. There’s something special about it, but don’t be fooled; these aren’t your average roller-skating stadiums that rotate their patrons. These rinks often twist their “mini-golf club” theme with laser lights, disco balls, and glow-in-the-dark walls to light up the night. Many offer carnival-themed games, food, and drinks. 

There was also great energy & excitement to the venue’s vibe, which made the experience unforgettable.

Skaters can’t resist the pull of a night spent skating at the rink, especially on Saturdays when it’s full of people, which is just one thing that makes the rink so popular.

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Moreover, some rinks got DJs to play the new genres of roller beats. People danced, sang, and danced away. It was a delight to see. 

Now that the music is here, it’s time to get on the rink…

3. 80s Roller Skating Song

New bands were releasing songs that used synth and drum machine samples. In the early days of punk rock, this was a revolutionary sound. It felt very raw and without boundaries.

The music played on the roller skates in the 80s is still a hit today. It provides escapism, rhythm, and memories.

These four ’80s roller skating tracks will take you back to those good times: no string-dancing here to distract from the tunes.

Newcleus – “Jam On It”

Arabesque – “Roller Star”

Dolly Dots – “Rollerskating”

Shannon – “Let the Music Play”

4. Roller Skating Styles

Since the ’80s, there has been a new wave of roller skating. People have embraced it so much that they have managed to create a lifestyle around it.

It was a skating revolution. Each city in the US had its own unique style of skating. New York and Chicago were the first cities to get involved in the revolution!

These two cities are full of people who love to go skating. Some people call them roller skating meccas. 

When it comes to roller skating, it’s hard for a newbie to stand on their own skates and be successful.

But people took things to the next level. Now there is much more than just skating itself. Skaters can now perform tricks, flips, and more in addition to moving around comfortably on their wheels.

Furthermore, It was disco that created contemporary roller skates tricks. These styles laid the foundations for what became an x-games sport since, with ridiculous air-time maneuvers on the half-pipe and sealing.

Roller skating, or roller disco, became very popular on TV shows during the ’80s and ’90s. Some popular shows included “Charlie’s Angels,” and even “Chips.”

5. 80s Roller Skating Movie


Xanadu is a 1980 musical roller-skating film. It’s packed with talented actors, musicians, and dancers performing a love story about destiny.

It’s an excellent movie related to 80s films and the disco style. The movie is about Michael Beck’s obsession with a woman he captures on camera during one of his assignments.

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He sets out to find where the photo was taken and then finds out that Kira is a muse – her job is to help people follow their dreams.

She will then lead him to team up with an old friend of hers, Gene Kelly, to pursue their fantasy of having a roller-skating disco rink.

Although the plot in this movie is weak, it still has many impressive aspects to offer. The music, cinematography, and choreography are excellent and aided its popularity.

If you love Dancing Queen, you’re likely to like this movie.

Skatetown, U.S.A.

Skatetown is a 1979 film that capitalizes on the roller disco craze that hit the United States back in the 1970s.

This movie is like most roller skates movies at that time – there isn’t much of a story. But it does feature a wide range of TV stars such as Scott Baio, Maureen McCormick, Flip Wilson, and the team’s debut of one of Hollywood’s hottest stars – Nicolas Cage.

Skatetown is about a rivalry between a local roller skater named Ace Johnson, played by Patrick Swayze, and the gang leader named Stan Nelson. They both compete to win $1,000 and a moped.

This movie doesn’t shy away from some of Swayze’s iconic moves and roller skating tricks. It also has nearly continuous diegetic music that plays with the whole film.

The movie was released recently on Sony’s Blu-ray which is the first time. It hasn’t been on VHS or DVD before now.

6. Roller Fashion

Roller skating has introduced a whole new fashion style with its incorporation of athletic clothes mixed with the sleazy glitter of discothèque styles.

This combination has led to an unholy alliance and is popular among fashion-forward people.


Roller skating is still alive and well, and people can be seen roller skating on the streets, indoors, and on rinks.

Roller rink revenues have increased and are now at the maximum level. It’s been a long time coming, but it feels like these kids will bring the fun back to a rink.


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