If you are interested in learning to roller skate or joining a roller derby team, you may wonder where you can practice your skills.
So, Is there a good place to go roller skating?

It’s possible to find a great places for practicing roller skating like basketball courts, tennis courts, parking lots for apartments, school tracks, and even in the parking lots of apartment complexes.

Check the surface to see if it is in good condition and ensure you have the right wheels for the surface.


This article provides more information on the many places available around your city for practicing roller skating.

We hope you find these tips useful and have lots of fun practicing your skills in roller skating!

1. Church Parking Lots

Parking lots at churches are great places for practicing roller skating.

They are used sparingly during the week, so you can grab your skates whenever you like and go over to a practice session.

Many of the church parking lots are coated in super smooth black asphalt. This is a nice bonus, so look for those.

2. Tennis Court

Many have wondered if roller skating on one can cause damage or leave marks.

Most people find that roller skates don’t damage tennis courts unless they are stopped by a toe block for stopping. Some marks may be left from the rubber.

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Tennis courts make great surfaces for practicing roller skating. To ensure that you can skate on the court, it is best to check first with the owner. They might have liability concerns and ask you not to skate there.

3. College or Community College

There is likely to be a college or community college near you that has fully covered walkways and communal outdoor dining or studying spaces.

These are great spots to practice roller skating.

The dining areas would be my first stop on a scouting tour. But if you don’t find anything, keep looking… chances are that there will be covered or partially enclosed spaces on campus.

4. Basketball Court

A well-maintained and smooth basketball court surface is the ideal place for roller skating. Basketball courts are flat and large, making them ideal for roller skating.

Keep an eye out for cracks, dirt, and other debris. These could impact your performance and hinder your ability to practice efficiently.

You may even convince an indoor wood court to let you skate. Make sure to ask the establishment for permission first.

5. Subway and Subway Station

Subway stations are a great place to skate late at night or on weekends if you don’t have a lot of commuters.

Be sure to check the rules and look for signs.

Don’t be surprised if you are told by an attendant to leave. You can definitely use this option to get your fix, but you must be careful about the timing of your trip.

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6. Parking Lot

Another great spot for roller skating is in parking lots. They are usually flat and open, just like outdoor basketball courts.

Make sure you choose a well-maintained parking lot with no cracks or debris.

Also, avoid skating in high-traffic areas and around cars. Definitely, you don’t want to pose a danger to others or yourself.

Ask permission to use a parking lot at the back or in an area with little traffic.

7. Barn / Home Garage / Unfinished Basement

This is a great place to practice if you have a clean garage or basement. You won’t be capable of cruising, but you will be able to practice turns, transitions, and balance. This is the perfect place to learn the basics of roller skating as a beginner.

8. School Track

A track with a rubbery surface is a great place to learn roller skating. This will give you more control and reduce the chance of falling.

You should never damage the surface with your wheels, but you must get permission from the school before you can skate on the track.

Try different wheels hardnesses to find the one that performs best.

Types of Wheels for Outdoor Skating

Roller skating is a sport that can be done anywhere. You need the best wheels for the surface.

Skateboard wheels can also be used on your roller skates if you plan to practice outdoors, provided that the bearing is the same size.

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The durometer number on roller skate wheels indicates the wheel’s hardness. This will also help you decide what type of skating you can do: rough terrain, smooth surfaces, skate parks, etc.

Durometers range from 1 to 100, with lower numbers being softer and higher being harder. A “b” scale measures 20 points lower for harder wheels.

This is a quick overview of the various wheels you can use on different surfaces.

  • From 78a up to 87a : These soft wheels are ideal for rough surfaces that require a lot more grip to roll over, like pebbles and cracks.
  • From 88a up to 95a : These are slightly harder and more powerful wheels but have less grip. These wheels are great for rough surfaces and streets.
  • From 96a to 99a : This wheel is more universal due to its speed and grip. This is great for beginners who love skate parks, roller skating rinks, and other smooth surfaces.
  • 101a+: This is the fastest and most difficult wheel, with the lowest grip. These wheels are ineffective on slippery and uneven surfaces. These wheels are recommended for professionals and not recommended for beginners.


There are many places you can learn how to roller skate, as we have already mentioned.

It is not difficult to learn how to skate without breaking anything.

You can practice rollerskating in these places. It is important to ensure that your wheels are properly fitted, so you don’t fall or get hurt.


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