In this article, I am going to attempt to teach you disco spin. When I say attempt, it means I had not tried to teach anyone yet until today. 

Stretch Before You Do Disco Spin

So, before doing this move I suggest stretching beforehand. If you think just doing a quick “touch toe” stretch, well, that is not enough.

Because when doing disco spin, it does take a lot of both leg’s inner thigh strength, especially the leg that has the heel down

Choose your leading foot when doing disco spin

To start this, you don’t necessarily need to be comfortable like skating on your heels, but you do want to pick a side. For me, I like to do the disco spin with my left foot in front.

For my case, I’m going to use my left heel to balance me because I have a little more flexibility in that leg. On the other side, my right leg is going to be doing an inner edge.

Do it in a circle

When you just started doing disco spin, you want to start pretty slow by rolling forward, putting your heel wheels down, and then curving it. So it’s going inside your circle, then you open it to your left.

Put your weight into the leading foot heel

In order to keep it planted in place, you have to put weight into that heel foot (put the weight on your heel). you don’t want to lessen that up because if you lessen it then you are going to just drift.

Use Leading foot heel to pinpoint

Just use the heel wheel to kind of pinpoint your location and rotate around it. but to get good at it, you’re gonna have to constantly practice this.

Be Careful if you have soft knees

One main thing to think about once you have stabilized yourself here is if you have soft knees. 

When your pinpoint heel is your soft knees, just be careful because you can’t bend that pinpoint knee. It kind of has to be straight, just try not to lock it, keep it steady and focus around it.

For the right knee, you can go around and can be bent. If you want to get really low, either you go wider or slightly bent. The good part of being slightly bent is that you can have more stability when doing a disco spin. 

Just try both to see which one you are more comfortable with!

The Edge

So, let’s talk about the edge. The edge is a beautiful inside edge when you do a disco spin. In this case, the edge is your right foot which you can either go wider or slightly bent.

You want to make sure that you keep your right foot steady. Otherwise, you can’t really wave in a smooth circle around the heel. So, make sure that the edge is steady.

What to do with your hand when doing disco spin

For the hands, you can actually use your hand to put weight onto your inside leg or outside leg to stabilize yourself. 

Why is that so? Well, Because you want to make sure that your inner thigh doesn’t get stretched too far away from your center of gravity.

Final Thought On Roller Skate Disco Spin

Disco spin roller skating is a fun and unique way to experience roller skating. It can be done by anyone, regardless of their level of skating experience. 

With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to disco spin like a pro!


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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