Certain sports come to mind when you think of: basketball, baseball, golf…

Although roller-skating is clearly an athletic sport, it isn’t something that people often mention.

Let’s take a moment to think about it. Is roller-skating a sport?

The Olympic panel definition and the standard definition of sports define roller skating as a legitimate competitive sport.

You might be wondering how this all came about. It’s worth looking at the definition of sport, the role that roller skating plays in it, and the final verdict.

What is a Sport?

We decided to look up Merriam Webster’s dictionary to find this crucial element.

A sport, by definition, is any activity that requires skill and has a physical component. It also includes competition against other people as a form of entertainment.

This definition makes a sport a sports activity, not a physical one. Hula hooping, on the other hand, is not considered a sport. It makes sense, right?

Is Roller Skating a Sport?

Let’s look at what roller skating is all about. Roller skating requires a certain skill level. Anyone who has ever fallen into a wall at the roller rink will know this. Is it really a sport of competition?

Many people don’t know that there is a competitive skater. Skaters’ speed and technique are judged in competitions, with prizes given to the best.

Roller skating can still be considered a legitimate activity, but there is a twist to the answer. In certain instances, roller skating can be considered a sport if done in competition.

Ways to Compete in Roller Skating?

Roller skating is a sport that most people enjoy. However, it’s not a competitive thing for them.

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There are many ways to skate if you want to be a competitive roller skater.

  1. Artistic skating. This type of roller skating focuses on graceful moves as part of a routine. Skaters are judged on their skill, elegance, and overall choreography.
  2. Speed skating. Speed skating is often associated with ice skates, but it’s also possible to speed skate with roller skates.
  3. Roller Derby. While some might argue that Roller Derby is an entirely separate sport, it is hard to overlook the primary draw of this sport: it involves people riding roller skates around a rink.
  4. Vert Skating. This newer type of competitive roller skating combines classic tricks with the use of skateboarding terrains such as halfpipes. This is a great way to experience wild tricks in a skateboard park.

Roller Skating: When is it Not a Sport?

Roller skating can be categorized as a sport at times, but not like other sports such as hockey or baseball.

Roller skating is a sport because it has structure and competition. Without it, it isn’t a true sport.

If you are just skating to burn extra calories or use your skates to get around town, that’s not considered sporty. It’s simply a physical activity that makes your feel great.

However, the lines can blur. Who hasn’t been challenged by a friend to a race on roller skates? If you have ever competed as a skater, you can safely say that you are part of the sports world.

Is Roller Skating An Olympic Sport?

If that wasn’t enough to convince, an Olympic panel might. For years, roller skating has been part of both the Pan American Games and the World Games.

The Olympic panel included roller skating in 2005 as one of the four possible Olympic games. However, roller skating was never included in the Olympics as a competitive sport.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, roller skating was poised to make its Olympic debut at the 2020 Olympics. These plans were indefinitely and are still not confirmed for the 2024 Olympics.

What is the Likelihood of Roller Skating Becoming an Olympic Sport?

It’s quite likely that we will see roller skating in the Olympic lineup within our lifetimes, as of right now.

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Since the beginning of the decade, many forms of roller skating, including artistic, have been included on the Olympic council’s list.

It’s possible that roller skating will be more accepted by both Olympic and non-Olympic venues if there is an additional push from skaters.

However, it is impossible to predict what the future holds.

How to Get Involved in Competitive Roller Skating?

This is the big question.

There is some good news for those who wish to take their passion for skating to the next level.

There are many ways to participate in competitive skating. These are the fastest ways you can give it a shot.

  • Ways Number 1: Connect with other competitive skaters through social media. Social media is the best way to get involved in roller skating. Ask them how you can help, and they will answer you.
  • Ways Number 2: Take artistic roller skating lessons at your local rink. You can learn the tricks used in competition groups at many roller rinks. These classes can often lead to sports circles.
  • Ways Number 3: Go to roller derbies. You can ask other roller derby players how they got involved if you like in-person networking. Roller derby teams often hold tryouts in many areas of the country for new talent. You will need to bring your own gear, so be prepared!
  • Ways Number 4: Open-entry competitions are a good idea. Roller rinks usually hold competitions for roller skating at least once a month. You don’t need to have a track record to participate in these competitions. You can get a quick taste of the competitive side with minimal investment.
  • Ways Number 5: Hit up skate parks. Local skate parks are a great place to start vert skating. You’re likely to find other vert skaters willing to help you join competitive groups.

What Are The Requirements To Participate in Competitive Roller Sports?

There are not many requirements for competitive roller skating. You can do many forms of roller skating as a solo or group activity. However, most groups will require you to bring the following items:

  1. Protective Gear. No matter what type of skating you do, helmets and kneepads are essential. Safety and injury prevention are the main goals. Roller derbies can also require wrist guards due to the possibility of falling forward.
  2. Proper Age. The majority of competitive skate groups cater to specific age groups. Before you sign up, it is good to find out what age group the skaters belong to.
  3. You need the right type of skates. Skating with the wrong type can restrict your ability to use the rink and cause injury. Most competitive skate groups have specific requirements regarding the type of skates that you can use. Ask first if you are unsure about the requirements.
  4. General Knowledge of the Sport. Although it is not always necessary, most people expect you to have a basic knowledge of the sport before joining a team. You should at least know how to skate.


Although roller skating may not be the first thing people think of when discussing sports, it is worthy of being recognized as a classic sport.

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Although many don’t skate competitively in roller skating, it is easy to overlook the numerous ways people have made it a competitive, structured sport.

Roller skating has a good chance of becoming an Olympic sport.

This is a testament to its legitimacy.

There are many ways you can get involved in the sports scene.

What are you waiting to do? Get out your skates and join the fun!


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