Today we’re going to talk about turning from backward to forwards. 

It’s the same as changing your body direction when doing any type of turn.

It’s Almost The Same As You Turning Backwards while skating forward

To turn forward while roller skating backward, you must incorporate the Mohawk turn.

Turn while roller skating backward is the same as when you’re rolling forward and turning backward.

When you’re doing a forward to backward, you basically open your hips, keep your hips square, and then close, and it’s the same going from backward to forwards.

Transferring your weight

To do backward to forward turn, you’re going to weight transfer everything to your right foot, and we’re gonna open our left foot

When we get to the forward direction to our left, our right back foot will turn slightly and then push.

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So, it’s like you’re cheating a little bit by turning your back foot forward. It’s slightly and then pushing so that you can continue to maintain control.

Make sure your core is tight

While doing this, you need to make sure that you check your core as well. Make sure that your core locks so you don’t continue to turn in the direction you dont want to.

That way, you’re going to keep everything under to turn while roller skating backwards


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