Roller skaters can easily turn and stop using the roller skate’s built-in toe stop.

However, in order to do so smoothly, you’ll need to have a good sense of how to use these toe stops.

To master the turn and stop techniques, You may practice turning and stopping on a flat surface until you feel comfortable with them.

You can also try them out in small spaces before taking them on the street.

So how do we turn and stop? without wasting time, let’s get started!

you have to know how to turn 180

A 180-degree turn is a basic turning maneuver that allows you to change your direction of travel by 180 degrees. This turn is used in both everyday skating and emergencies.

In order to execute a turn and stop techniques safely and correctly, first, you need to know how to do a 180-degree turn smoothly.

There are several different techniques that you can use to make a 180-degree turn.

One of the most common techniques is the two-point turn. To perform a two-point turn, you will need to drive forward for a short distance, then make a U-turn by turning your wheel to the left or right.

If you are new to 180 turns, I suggest you read one of our articles on how to do 180 turns on roller skates.

Use your toe stop to stop after you turn

After you have mastered the 180 turns, now let’s learn how to stop by using your roller skate toe stop.

Once you have completed a 180 turn:

  1. Put most of your body weight onto your front leg (after you complete a 180 turn, one of your legs will be at the front depending on which side you turn, either left or right)
  2. Slightly lean your body forward 45 degrees.
  3. Slightly bend both of your knees.
  4. Lift your back foot heel and put pressure on your back foot toe stop.

You have now come to a complete stop after you put pressure on your back foot toe stop.

if you are still rolling, you can put more pressure on your toe stop by bending your knees lower to kind of assist you to have more straight to put pressure on your toe stop.

what if you skate at a high speed and want to turn stop?

These are 80% the same as how you turn and stop at a regular speed.

To be able to complete a full stop when you skate at a high speed, you need to:

  1. Before you do 180 turns while skating at high speed, lower your knees.
  2. After you have lowered your knees, bounce back up and turn 180. it’s like performing a small jump and turn.
  3. Once you have turned 180, immediately lift both of your heels and stand on both toe stops, bending your knees to pressure on the toe stop.

Now you have completed a full stop which is skating at high speed on roller skates.

Always check your toe stop before you perform turn and stop techniques

Toe stops can wear down over time due to regular use.

To prevent potential injuries while performing turn and stop techniques, it is important to always check your toe stop to make sure that it is in good condition.

If your toe stop is worn down, it can cause you to lose balance and fall while you turn and stop or in normal stop using your toe stop.

So it is important to inspect them regularly and replace them when needed.

In Conclusion

Roller skating is a fun activity that can provide hours of enjoyment. It is important to know how to turn and stop on roller skates to stay safe while skating.

With a little practice, anyone can learn how to do these maneuvers.


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