Rotating roller skate wheels can make a big difference in the way your skates move and how long your wheels can last.

By turning them regularly, you can keep them moving smoothly and avoid some of the common problems that can arise.

Why Do We Need To Rotate Roller Skates Wheels?

The reason to rotate um wheels is because when you skate, you naturally push off on the inside wheels when you skate forward

So, over time it wears the inside of the inside wheels down and you end up with a bit of a rounded effect like on this side here.

How To Rotate Roller Skates Wheels

If your wheels like the picture above, then you will need to just rotate them, so that they all get a fair share.

Rotating your roller skates wheels is a little bit like rotating your vehicle tires.

  • Upper Right → Bottom Left
  • Upper Left → Bottom Right

How Often Do You Need To Rotate Your Wheels

To answer your question, it really depends on how much you’re using them. 

You probably want to rotate them maybe every 12 to 20 uses depending on how much skating you’ve done.

After 12 to 20 uses then you can switch them over and stick them back on again.

Conclusion: How To Rotate Roller Skates Wheels

Rotating your skate wheels regularly will help you maintain better control and stability while skating, and will also help to extend the life of your wheels.

To get the most out of your rotations, be sure to do them at least after 12 to 20 uses, and keep a record of how many rotations you have done. Happy skating!


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