This is a basic guide for changing your skate wheels in 7 easy steps.

You might need a new wheel for different reasons. It can be daunting to take apart your skates if you’re new to skating. This guide should make it easier and hopefully less scary.

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Tool Kit Required to Replace Roller Skates Wheels

  • T-Tools
  • Reserve Nuts

Let’s get your tools out and start changing your roller skate wheels.

How to Change Roller Skate Wheels?

1. Attach the Tool Into the Nut at the Skates Axel.

Keep in mind “lefty loosey,righty tighty.” Then, remove the nut from your axel.

2. Remove the Nut Completely From Your Wheel and Remove Your Old Wheel.

Place your nut in a safe spot for later. They are small and can easily roll away.

3. The Bearings will Remain in the Wheel if You Take the Old Wheel off the Axel.

This is a great opportunity to clean up any grease, dirt, and hair from the truck and axel.

4. Place Your new Wheel that Already Fitted with Bearings onto the Axel.

It may take up more or less space depending on which wheel you have, some wheels are larger than others.

5. Gently Screw on a nut Using Your Fingers to Align the Threading.

You might need to adjust the nuts according to how your wheels fit.

Some experts have a clever tip for wider wheels: Put your nuts backward to increase hold and make the wheel more compact.

6. Use T-Tools to Tighten the nut by Turning to the Right.

Turn slightly to the left to give your wheel more room to spin.

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Your wheel should be loose enough to turn but not tight enough, so it doesn’t slip off.

7. To Ensure You’re on the Right Track, Spin the Wheels with Your Hands.

Make sure to check your nuts often.

Common problems:

Bearings that are bent or wonky – Always use a press or a bearing tool to remove bearings. They can become dented or twisted and will not fit properly on the axel.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should a Pair of Roller Skate Wheels Need to be Replaced?

It all depends on how often you skate and what terrain you are on. Rotating your wheels on a regular schedule can extend your wheel’s lifespan.

Skaters usually skate two to three times per week. Skate indoors and outdoors, on concrete or asphalt, and have only had to replace their wheels once per year.

What are the Different Types of Roller Skate Wheels Available?

There are many different types of skate wheels on the market. There are soft skate wheels to offer smooth quad skating outdoor. You can also find super-hard wheels for indoor dancing and sliding.

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There are many sizes of wheels. You’ll be able to go faster with larger wheels but will have less control and stability. Smaller wheels can be great for agility but are not as good for speed.

There are many different types of materials, with urethane being the most popular. This is what you will find on 99 percent of all new skates. These wheels are ideal for indoor and outdoor skating, as they provide a lot of traction and durability.

There are also wheels made from vanethane or clay, wood, or fiberglass.

What Should I do If My Wheels Get Damaged?

You should replace your roller skate wheels as soon as they become damaged. Skaters can lose control and balance, which can lead to serious injuries.

Can I use Bigger Wheels on My Roller Skates?

You can use larger wheels with your roller skates, provided they fit your skate’s axles.

Make sure you get the right size for your skates.

Video of How to Replace Your Roller Skate Wheels


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