Before we learn how to do spread eagle, we first need to know what the spread eagle really is.

Well, Spread eagle basically is pointing both of your toes in opposite directions (outward) and going in a circle.

Like this!

Know the basics first before doing spread eagle

Before we do Spread Eagle on roller skates, we must know how to skate forward, backwards and balance on one foot.

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This is important because when you do spread eagle and fail backward, you can quickly apply the techniques of skating backwards to stabilize yourself and bring the gravity back to the centre.

Steps on how you can do spread eagle in no time

Step 1: Roll around a circle with two feet

When you roll a circle with two feet in, it is important to have a bigger space. This will help you warm up and get to the new movement (spread eagle). 

Just be sure to focus on keeping your balance and maintaining good posture. 

Step 2: Slight bend your knees

When you are ready to do a spread eagle, slightly bend your knees first.

This will help you get into the position more easily and also help keep your balance.

Also, make sure to keep your core engaged throughout the entire move!

Step 3: Transfer body weight to your right foot

Put more weight on your right foot.

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Step 4: Free up another foot

Put weight on your right foot to the point where you can make this foot free.

Step 5: Lift your foot

Now, you’re going to lift that free foot, open the hip and put that leg behind you.

Step 6: put the toe of the left foot down first

After you have opened the hip and put that leg behind you, you must put the toe of the left foot down first. Otherwise, your hip will just close up.

Tips on how to do spread eagle

1. Once you’ve turned, you need to keep your shoulders open because that will help to keep your hips open. Don’t let the leading hip close. Otherwise, you’ll do what’s essentially an open-book, closed-book transition.

2. It’s much easier with a little bit of speed before doing the spread eagle.

The variation of spread eagle

There are few variations to do spread angle, but here we just talk about the most common 2 spread eagle variation.

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Inside edge

This is the area where people will put pressure onto their inside edge when doing spread eagle. 

If you dunno what is the inside edge on your feet, look at the picture below.

Outside edge

This is a tough one. It’s definitely going to be a leg day if you try this out.

To do this, it’s the exact same principle when you are doing your normal spread eagle, but rather than going around in the circle on the inside, now you’re going to push on the back outside.

If you’re using outside edge to do spread eagle, you will be like going in a straight line.


In conclusion, doing a spread eagle on roller skates is not as hard as it looks.

With a little bit of practice, you will be able to do it like a pro.

Have fun and stay safe!


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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