Roller skaters should be able to plow stop if their roller skates don’t have toe stops for whatever reason.

This is the most basic method of stopping and should be learned before you learn t-stop or turn-around toe.

The Steps of doing Plow Stop on Roller Skates

As you continue to move forward, be sure to get in position:

1. Wide stance

Wider than your hips, but do not go too wide than your hips. You can lose balance.

2. Toes pointing straight

Not pointing out / duck feet.

3. Knees bent

The more you bend, the more power it is to stop.

4. Push outwards from the heels

You should be focusing on your heels pushing outwards.

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Video on How to do Plow Stop

Additional Tips on Plow Stop

As you get more comfortable, your feet may turn in at the end of the stop. This is normal.

Sit into the knee bend!


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