In this article, we will be discussing how to do a three-turn on roller skates.

This is a basic move that is essential for all skaters to know. It is a great way to get around and can be used in many situations.

Before we get into the steps, let’s first review some basics.

You must be comfortable skating forwards and backwards to do a three-turn on roller skates.

if you are unable to do the basics of forward and backward on a roller skate, you cannot do three turn 

To be a successful roller skater, you must be able to do the basic forward and backward skating motions. If you cannot make these two motions, you will not be able to do the three turns.

Because this is one of the most important skating moves, this move is used by beginner and experienced skaters alike and is essential for navigating the rink.

What is roller skate three turn?

Today I’m gonna talk about a three-turn. A three turn is called a three turn because you draw a figure three with your skates.

A three turn is a turn forward to backward, a turn using its outside edge to an inside edge, and it has a lot of different variations.

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For now, we’re gonna do just one variation. Now I just want to teach you the basics of a three-turn.

If you are a skater new to skating, you can get on the road to doing a three-turn. If you’re a more advanced skater, this is where you start levelling up because this is a 1-foot turn.

Knowing how to do a proper three-term will help you with spinning and all sorts of dance skating, so it’s super important.

All right, follow me. Let’s get started!

How to do three turns on roller skate?

When we do a three turn, we need to put our foot or our skate on an outside edge, and when we do that, we’re going to bend our knee, and we’re gonna force our knee and pressure over our baby toe.

When we do that, you’re also going to put force and pressure over the front outside wheel. Let’s say you are doing a right outside three turns.

You may want to do a left outside three turns, it is the same. It’s just different directions.

Everything that you are doing, you could just flip it to the other side if you want to skate first with your left foot.

Okay, now you’re going to put pressure. We talked about this before it’s body weight down over the top of your skate and you’re gonna start leaning by pressing your knee and your body weight over your baby toe that will activate the pressure on your right front wheel upper body.

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If you are skating forward with your right foot, you will put your left arm in front and your right arm back here to counterbalance.

When you turn, you must ensure that your body weight is down and then hold the outside edge.

So the first thing you need to practice is your ability to hold that edge before you decide to turn it on.

WhatI want you to do this series skate straight with your arms out, bend your knee follow this outside edge around you.

When you are following your edge, you start by turning your head. If I’ve said this once, I’ve said it a hundred times.

Head turned, shoulder turns, hip turns. these are the mechanics of skating

Now, go head, shoulder, hip, foot all right. So we are practising just getting ready arms are in position.

When doing a lean turn. You are going to pullpull your shoulder back, opening up this hip and allowing you to make that mark.

The second part is to do the turn. You currently have your weight on the front part of my skate or over the front truck for you to flip it.

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You need to have the weight come up a little so your heel can come up just a little bit.

Almost everything that just happened there was based on your body weight transfer. You held on to your edge until you felt deep into your edge, and then you lifted your body way up through your neck area and hopped just a bit.

When you see that little hop part, so let’s say you’re deep in this edge, body weight comes up, and you pop it up, your heel comes up just a bit, just a tiny bit.

It’s not because areyou’re lifting your heel; you’re pressing so much on the front truck and then lifting my weight, and the heel has to come up on its own.

I tell you this because I don’t want you to think you have it pull your heel up so much that you’re going to fall.

Now, we’re gonna stretch out, put your front and turn. You’re gonna kick your leg through. Understand first how to keep your leg behind you because if you’re just gonna kick your leg up, it could be dangerous if you don’t already happen.

I do it sometimes. It can be a little bit dangerous, so I want you to do it formally for now.


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