Mohawk turns are an essential skill that every skater, regardless of discipline, needs to master to develop as a skater.

A mohawk turn is a 1-foot turn that also changes the direction of the feet.

So it seems easy, or it looks easy, but there’s a lot going on. So I’m going to break down the steps of doing a mohawk turn for you.

We’re gonna go through the mechanics, and then we’re gonna get to the flow stage and then it’s gonna be up to you to give it some style.

When we’re talking about Mohawk, you may not know what one is, or you may not know what its use. to answer your question, it got both like a practical use it and then it’s got basically.

Its job is to link other more important elements of skating together.

Follow along, and let me show you the steps to do Mohawk!

Steps on how to do Mohawk on roller skates

Step 1: head needs to be up

Always go over posture, so your head needs to be up(chin up). When I say chin up what I’m looking for is that you’re looking off into the distance.

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The biggest mistake people make is looking down. I dunno why. Maybe they get somewhat obsessed with their feet, and with the theatre doing so, they look down.

So, when I say chin up, I’m telling you to look ahead because it’s hard to look down when your chin is up.

Step 2: Arms out to the sides

Your arms need to be out to the sides. When I say your arms, I dont want you to just throw your arms up all over the place, at least a the beginning stage of learning mohawk.

Once you have mastered the Mohawk, you can use your style.

Do you know why arms need to go out to the sides? because the body uses arms to balance, if you have them extended out from your body, this tells the body exactly how far we can lean from side to side

This is important because aiding moves forward by shifting our body weight from side to side.

If we have our arms out, our body knows exactly how far we can go.

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Step 3: Put Weight on one foot

We have got to put weight on the skating foot. When I say skating foot, I mean the foot that is attached to the ground. In this case, we assume it’s your right foot.

Now, you gonna skate forward and put weight on your right foot. When you transfer your weight into your right foot, your left foot will naturally come up off the ground.

Why is that happen? Because when you put weight on your right foot, you take this centerline of your body and push it straight over the top of your boot.

Step 4: Turn Your Shoulder And Hip

Now, turns your shoulder and turn your hip. The biggest mistake people make is trying to turn their foot first. If you move your feet quickly, you barely are in that for a fraction of a second.

if you want to do it fast and smoothly, you need to link up a bunch of them following your hips

You have now learned how to do Mohawk!

Tips on how to successfully execute Mohawk.

Now let’s talk more about what you need to be able to do Mohawk. In order to successfully execute a mohawk. The number one thing is you got to be able to skate on one foot.

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Why Must We Learn Mohawk?

We can use it to change direction. Let’s say you’re at the roller rink and want to come around the corner. In that case, you can connect and do lots of Mohawks back and forth, back and forth.

Another situation you can use Mohawk is, let’s say, you are skating and need to get through a tiny bit of real estate. It could be there are people there. You can then use Mohawk.


There are a few tricks that can make roller skating more fun and challenging. One of these is the mohawk turn.

This move is made by turning your body 90 degrees in the opposite direction while keeping your skates in the same place.

To do a mohawk turn on roller skates, start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Next, lift your left skate off the ground and swing it around in a circle to the right.

As you do this, raise your right skate off the ground and swing it around to the left.

Finally, put both skates back on the ground and continue skating in the new direction.

The mohawk turn can be tricky to master, but it’s easy to do with a little practice.


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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