Are you looking to learn roller skating from an old pair of ice-skating skates?

You’re in the right place because this article will show you how to convert ice skates to roller skates or quad skates.


Although ice skating is fun, it can be costly. Many people choose to skate on rollers instead.

You have two choices if you do the same: buy new roller skating equipment or convert your existing ice skates into rolling skates. You can save lots of money!

It is as simple as removing some pieces and attaching new ones to convert ice skates to roller skates. Simple, right?

It’s not that simple. Here’s a guide that will show you how to do it.

Why Would I Want to Convert Ice Skates Into Roller Skates?

Why would I convert my ice skates to roller skates? Isn’t that the simple answer?

  • Ice skating can be very expensive.
  • Ice rinks are not equipped with natural ice.
  • Many areas don’t have an indoor ice rink.
  • Roller skating is possible almost anywhere.
  • Roller skates are much easier to handle.
  • Roller skating is much more fun and easygoing than sporty and hardcore. This is not to say that ice skating doesn’t have its fun. You can do what you like best.

Now you are more familiar with the advantages of roller skating over ice skate.

These are just a few reasons to consider switching from ice skating and roller skating. Or, maybe you prefer the feeling of rolling under your feet more than ice skating.

Do what you like. This is what I always tell people!

What’s The Difference Between Roller Skating and Ice Skating?

It might interest you to learn what makes ice skating different from rollerskates. Well, everything.

  • Ice skates have blades. Roller skates have wheels.
  • Ice skates don’t have trucks while roller skates do.
  • Ice skates can be described as a motorcycle and an under-foot ice sledge combination.
  • Roller skates feel more like a car under your shoes.

Everything’s different. Although you may already know these things, but it was still worth mentioning.

How to Convert Ice Skates to Roller Skates?

What components are required to convert ice skates into roller skates?

These are the components you need to convert your ice skating into quad roller skates.

  • Quad plate
  • Heel
  • Trucks
  • 32 Bearings
  • 8 wheels
  • Bearing Spacers
  • Bolts
  • Locking Nuts
  • Washers
  • Axle nuts
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Now it’s time for you to collect these pieces. These parts are all vital. They can be ordered online or picked up at your local skate shop.

Other tools you will need include a hex wrench, screwdriver, hammer,, a rivet remover, wrench,, and an electric drill. You’ll find more information on this later in the article.

Steps on How to Turn Your Ice Skates into Roller Skates

First, I will list the steps. Then we’ll discuss each step in detail.

Step 1 – Remove the Ice Blades
Step 2 – Drilling holes for Quad Plate
Step 3 – Attach the Quad Plate
Step 4 – Assembling your Trucks
Step 5 – Attaching trucks
Step 6 – Attaching your wheels
Step 7 – Attach the Toe Stop
Step 8 – Final touches

It’s now time to go through each step of the process. This tutorial will help you achieve the results you desire.

Step 1 – Remove the Ice Blades

The frame of ice skates has blades attached underneath it. Rivets attach the frame to the bottom part of the boot. You will need to take out the rivets to remove the frame and blades.

Tools and Components That You Will Need

These are the tools you will need to take the blades out of your boot.

  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Rivet Remover – If these are unavailable, pliers might work, but it will take some effort.

The Process

These steps will allow you to get rid of the blades.

  • Take out the insole of your ice skate shoes.
  • Take out the laces.
  • Insert the screwdriver from the inside into the opening for the rivet.
  • To put it in, use a hammer to bang the screwdriver.
  • This will loosen your rivet.
  • Continue the process for all rivet openings.
  • Use the rivet remover/pliers to gently pull the rivets from the bottom of your shoe.
  • If the rivets are very tight, this may take some time.
  • Take out the ice blade frame.

You now have a pair of boots that can be made into quad roller skates by attaching quad skate parts.

Step 2 – Drilling Holes For Quad Plate

The quad plate is the material between the trucks and the bottom of your boots.

It flattens your roller skates’ bottom and serves as the base and general structure to attach the trucks.

The Tools and Components That You Will Need

These are the tools you will need to drill holes into your quad plate.

  • Quad Heel
  • Quad Plate
  • Pen or marker
  • Hand power drill

The Process

This step is important. If you drill the hole in the wrong place, your boots will no longer work with roller skates. This is how to drill holes at the right locations.

  • Turn the boot upside down so that the bottom is facing you.
  • Place it on a stand to make it easier.
  • It is possible to raise the heel of the boot.
  • If you do this, align the quad-heel to fill the arch.
  • Align the quad plate on top of the quad heel and the boot.
  • All items must be aligned in the middle, which is already marked with the rivet holes. You can adjust the direction of your choice by moving up, down, right, or left.
  • Make sure to align the quad plate correctly on the boot.
  • To loosen or tighten your toe stops efficiently, the quad plate lock must be located on the inside of your foot.
  • Mark the location of the holes in the quad plate at the bottom of your boot.
  • Double-check that the marks are correct.
  • Use your hand drill to make holes in the designated spots.
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You are now ready to place your quad plate.

Step 3 – Attach the Quad Plate

It’s now time to attach the quad plate. Quad plates are connected to the boot with the help of bolts, washers, and nuts.

The Tools and Components That You Will Need

These are the tools you will need to fix the quad plate in place.

  • 8 mounting bolts
  • 8 washers
  • 8 lock nuts
  • Drill/wrench with a socket
  • Dremel
  • Quad heel
  • Quad plate

The Process

To fix your quad plate, follow these steps.

  • Four bolts should be used to pass through each of the four holes inside the boot.
  • The bolts should protrude from the bottom of your shoe.
  • Grab your quad heel, and run it through the bolts.
  • Now, insert your quad plate through each hole.
  • Insert the washers in the mounting bolts.
  • Insert the locking nuts into the bolts.
  • Use a wrench to tighten the lock nuts.
  • Roller skating can become dangerous if the nuts are not tight enough. If they fall in the middle, you might have to take a tumble.
  • Now, use a Dremel to remove the mounting bolts so they don’t get in your truck’s way.

The quad plate should be securely attached to your boot.

Step 4 – Assemble the Trucks

It is possible to buy already assembled trucks. This tutorial will cover everything, and I’ll show you how to build your own trucks. You can skip this step if you have already assembled trucks.

The Tools and Components That You Will Need

These are the components that go in your trucks.

  • 4 Hangers- Two hangers for each skate
  • 4 9/16 HexKingpins – One for each truck
  • 8 Bushings – Two for each truck
  • 4 Locknuts – Two per truck
  • 2 Jump bars for roller skates

The Process

This is the entire process of building your ice skate trucks.

  • Take a kingpin.
  • Place one bushing in the kingpin.
  • Insert the hanger in the kingpin.
  • Add the other bushing.
  • Place the jump bar.
  • Secure all items with a locknut and tighten it gently with your hands.
  • Continue the steps for the other truck while you place the other end of the jump bar inside the truck.

Here you are. You are getting closer and closer to achieving your goal.

Step 5 – Attach the Trucks

The Tools You Will Need

To attach the trucks securely, you will only need a few tools.

  • Wrench
  • 9/16 hex socket attached to the drill

The Process

This is how to attach your trucks to your ice skating skates. The trucks should be securely fastened to your quad plates to ensure safe roller skating.

  • Insert one kingpin in each hole on the quad plate.
  • Hold the locking nut in your hand and tighten it.
  • Repeat the process with the other kingpin.
  • Place the pivot attached to your hanger in the pivot hole
  • This allows you to maneuver while rollerskating.
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It’s now time to tighten your trucks.

  • You can tighten the locking nuts completely with a wrench
  • Turn it back half turn after it is fully tightened.
  • This will allow you to tighten the kingpin and socket.
  • To tighten the kingpin, use a drill with a socket attached at its end.
  • Repeat the process with all other trucks.

Your ice skate almost looks like a roller skate! That’s amazing.

Step 6 – Attaching the Wheels

Now it’s time for the wheels to be attached. There are two types of roller skate wheels.

  • Indoor wheels – These are the hardest and can be used indoors. The surface is flat, so the wheels don’t have to grip the ground for stability. These wheels are used indoors in roller derby and skate rinks.
  • Outdoor wheels – These wheels are meant for outdoor areas where the ground is rough and uneven, and stability is low. Outdoor wheels are made from softer rubber, which grips the ground and allows for smooth roller skating even outdoors.

You should decide what type of wheels you want.

The Tools and Components That You Will Need

  • 8 wheels
  • 16 Bearings – 2 for each wheel, if your wheels don’t already have them
  • 8 Spacers – One for each wheel. These might be already on your wheels, so you may not need them.
  • 8 Axle nuts – It should be the same size as your truck’s axle. The most common is an 8 mm axle, but you may also find 7 mm ones. You might want to inspect your trucks first.
  • Torque wrench

The Process

  • Place the bearings in the hole of the wheel using a spacer.
  • Place the wheels on the trucks’ axles.
  • Insert the axle nut, and tighten it manually.
  • To tighten it even further, use the torque wrench.
  • The wheels should not be too tight that they can’t turn.
  • They shouldn’t be loose enough to fall at any moment.

At this point, you must feel very happy. Your ice skates are technically roller skates now.

Step 7 – Attaching the Toe Stop

This is the final step in making your perfect skates.

The Tools and Components That You Will Need

Now all you need is

  • Toe Stop
  • Allen key – This comes with your roller skates, but you may not have them. It can be borrowed from a friend, or someone else will install it for you.

The Process

  • The quad plate already contains a hole for the toe stop and an Allen screw to tighten it.
  • Insert the toe stop in the hole. Adjust it to your liking.
  • To tighten the Allen screws, use an Allen wrench.
  • This will keep the toe stop in its place.

Step 8 – Final touches

Now it’s time to add the final touches.

  • ace the insole back in your boots
  • If you wish to give your skates a shiny appearance, clean them with a dry cloth and don’t use any water.
  • Attach the laces.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully converted your ice skates into roller skates. These skates can be used anywhere, anytime.

There’s no need to worry about the ice rink closing on weekends. You can now skate casually to school and still look cool.


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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