It doesn’t matter if your goal is to become a pro-level, recreational, or commuter skater. You need a way that you can carry your skates.

You must have a way to carry your roller skates from one skate point to another.

Here are a few ideas to help you carry your roller skates.

These ideas for roller skating transportation have come from many sources, including skaters and people I skate with.

Six Tips for Carrying Your Roller Skates around

  • Carry your roller skates in a skate-specific bag.
  • Use a backpack to haul your roller skates around.
  • Use the Velcro straps to carry your roller skates.
  • Keep your skates in place by the straps at the back.
  • Toss your roller skates in a reusable shopping bag.
  • Use your roller skate’s laces as a shoulder belt.

These suggestions will now be fleshed out to make them practical tips you can implement in your daily skate life.

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1. Use a roller skate bag to haul your roller skates around

An ideal way to transport roller skates is to use a roller skate-specific bag. A roller skate bag should carry all the gear you need. Roller skating helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, water bottle, and other necessities.

You should choose a heavy-duty bag if you plan to go on a serious outdoor ride and need to transport your helmet, protective pads, helmets, and snacks and water.

A bag with a reinforced bottom is a bag that can withstand the abuse it will receive when being moved around.

My bag has a triangular design and several pockets. There is plenty of room for my helmet, roller skates pads, water bottle, and other small items.

2. Use a roller skate backpack

What happens if you are a college student and have to bring your notebooks, laptops, and other learning-related materials?

A roller skate bag is not the best option. A roller skate backpack is the best storage solution in such a case.

This backpack looks very similar to a regular backpack. It is usually smaller than a roller skate bag.

Most backpacks have features that allow you to hang your skates from the outside. Some backpacks will allow you to store a helmet on the exterior, but this is not common.

3. The velcro straps can be used as a carrying handle

You can carry your skates with the Velcro straps. Simply attach the velcro pieces together and use the straps for support. This is a great idea for recreational skating trips.

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4. Carry your roller skates by the straps of your boots

Place two fingers on the back straps of your roller skates, and then carry them. You’ll need to be okay with your circulation deteriorating over time.

If that happens, simply switch hands. It’s not a good idea to travel too far to reach your destination for skating. I often use this idea when I am just rolling around and don’t want to carry a bag or backpack.

5. You can put your roller skates in a reusable shopping bag

You won’t find enough space in your backpack if you are a gym rat who attends classes and roller skates. Your notebooks, cute Nike sneakers from the gym, roller skates, and padding are all included.

A reusable shopping bag is a great option in such situations. I use one of those thin, reusable shopping bags to carry my sneakers while I skate on my way from home to college.

After leaving the gym, I go home and take my sneakers with me. I then store my roller skates inside the reusable bag and keep them separate. It works well for me, and you should definitely try it if your schedule is anything like mine.

6. You can use the laces of your roller rkates to make a shoulder strap

Make sure your laces are strong enough to carry your skate boots. You can buy a variety of high-quality laces for roller skates and replace any broken laces.

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I tie the laces together, then use them as a shoulder belt. This method works great for me. There’s no reason for it not to for you.

How Can I Carry My Roller Skates on a Bicycle?

A backpack can be used to transport your skates while you ride your bike. This method is the best if you need to transport other items, such as a water bottle.

Attach your skates to your bike’s rear rack. You can also tie your skate boots together using laces and attach them to the handlebars of your bike.

Conclusion of Roller skate Carrying Tips

It may not seem like a big problem to transport your roller skates from one spot to another. But It’s helpful to see how other roller skaters transport their gear.

A backpack can store your boots. If you have the space, you can also hang your skate boots on your bag. You can tie your boots using the laces to attach them to your shoulder.

Alternately you could use your fingers to hold onto the straps of the skates. You can also stick the Velcro together to allow you to use your fingers to carry your rollerskates.


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