“Loose” refers to the tightness with which the kingpin prevents the synthetic rubber cushions from flexing from one side or the other…

How Loose Your Roller Skates Trucks Need to Be?

This will depend on how skilled you are at roller skating.

It is okay to tighten the trucks if you are just starting out with roller skating.

loose or tight hand

Once you feel comfortable with your balance and the skates, you can loosen them. It will become more desirable to loosen the trucks as you progress and learn more advanced moves.

The Danger If Your Roller Skate Trucks are Too Loose

There are two dangers to having too loose skates. One, they can appear to be taking control and directing you rather than you being in charge. The second is speed wobbles. Speed wobbles can be extremely dangerous. The skate moves from one side to another and throws you off. This is not what you want.

How Can I Tell If My Trucks Are Too Tight?

My main indicator that my trucks are too tight is the difficulty in turning.

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If your skate seems to be trying to keep going in a straight line while you want it to turn, they are probably too tight.

The best way to check your wheels is to hold the skate in one’s hand and spin it.

Does it continue to spin for ten or more seconds without you exerting any additional force?

If they don’t, they are likely too tight.

How to Safely Adjust Your Trucks

You can find looseness by starting with the very tight and gradually loosening them by 1/4 turn each skate before each skate session.

Continue doing this until they start to wobble or you can’t control them anymore. Then tighten them 1/4 turn.

What Happens If You Reach The Roller Skate Trucks Loss Limit?

Suppose you continue loosening to the point where the truck is rattling, and you’re still not satisfied with the edges you get for turns or spinning.

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In that case, you may need to switch to a different substance for the cushions.

Rattling can cause damage to your trucks.

Softer cushions allow for greater flexibility while still keeping your hardware in place.

For beginners and heavier skaters, stiffer cushions can make bending more difficult.


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