Although learning how to skate is fun, most people skate because they love to perform tricks.

We have seen someone who can turn, spin, or jump at the skating rink. Now we want to learn those tricks on our quads or rollerblades.

Today’s article will cover several tricks for roller skating that can be used by beginners, intermediate, and advanced skaters.


Scissors are a method of moving on two feet across the rink by pushing your feet outwards at a 90-degree angle and then pulling them back together.

Backward Skating


Dipping involves bending your knees while skating and putting yourself in a squat position.


Backward Crossovers


Spin is a skate move that requires you to bend your knees while keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Next, rotate your arms to one side close to your body. Then pull your closest skate backwards and push your further skate forward.

Two-Foot Turn

Crazy Legs

As the name implies, it is one of the most bizarre tricks you can attempt as a beginner. This combination of crossovers and forward and backward motion creates a bizarre sequence as you move forward.

Spread Eagle

Spread Eagle is where you move forward with your knees bent and spread your legs. You then rock back onto the heels while balancing on the back wheels.

One Foot Turn Backward


Salchow, Start by going backwards, do a one-leg twist, then do a quick jump and land on the opposite foot.

Shoot the Duck


Another crazy trick you either love or hate. It involves both skating forward and skating backwards. Your motion is similar to the twisting stems of a grapevine, hence its name.

Waltz Jump

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