When we think of roller skating, what do we think?

The image of someone on a pair of roller skates gliding along the boardwalk near the coastline of California might come to mind.

Well, in movies, at least.

But in reality, Roller skating is all the rage these days, and not only is it a great way to keep fit, but it’s also a lot of fun. And there are lots of health benefits associated with roller skating, too!

It Burns Calories. 

If you just couldn’t say no to those after-school cookies. Skating is a great way to burn calories and exercise while you enjoy the weather outside. An average-sized adult can burn up to 9 or 10 calories per minute as they skate. That adds up fast!

Improve Balance And Coordination. 

As you learn and master the techniques to improve your form, you’ll also develop your balance.

Roller skating is a really good exercise because it uses your lower back and abdominal muscles to help you balance. Skating requires standing up straight, which is important since it’s a great way to improve your overall stability.

It’s Good Stress Relief. 

Studies show that regular physical activity is really good for your health. It relieves stress, refocuses your mind, and helps kids learn more effectively.

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Roller-skating can also improve your mood if you want to do something different on a Thursday afternoon!

It Builds Muscles. 

Skating is a great lower body exercise that will work your muscles in your calves, quads, and glutes.

It’s also a great way to build core strength, and depending on the type of skating you are doing, you may also work in an arm movement.

Improve Endurance. 

Roller skating is a great way to work some muscles- but it can also help you strengthen your endurance.

Adding a few uphill climbs to each skating session trains your muscles and cardiovascular system to efficiently use the body’s energy stores. This means you can skate for longer periods without overheating or becoming faint.

Strengthened Heart. 

Roller sports (like inline Skating) are a popular form of cardio exercise, strengthening the heart and other cardiovascular system parts. It’s a proven method to stay healthy.

Participating in moderate roller skating will raise your heart rate from 140-to 160 beats per minute. You can increase your heart rate dramatically to about 180 beats per minute.

Prevent Or Manage Diabetes. 

The American Diabetes Association recommends two forms of physical activity to manage and prevent diabetes. One type is strength training, and the other is aerobic exercise such as skating or rollerblading.

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One good way to meet your daily exercise requirements is to roller skate. Roller skating is an aerobic exercise that can strengthen the heart, blood vessels, and bones. It also helps manage insulin levels, which benefits those who struggle with it and can relieve stress.

Less Pressure On Joints. 

Skating provides you with fluid motion that reduces injuries and keeps your joints healthy while still offering a thrill similar to runs, dance, etc.

Running is much more dangerous than Skating. In the study conducted at UMass, they noticed that the risk of injury was over 50% lower when compared to running.

The great thing about roller skating is how much it offers compared to jogging. It takes the same amount of time to go the distance but doesn’t cause joint damage as jogging does.

No Rink Required. 

Skating can be done without being at the gym, so it’s a fun leisure activity easy to start. Swapping your shoes for a pair of roller skates is all it takes to enjoy.

Roller skating is a great way to stay fit and have fun with family or friends.

 You can also skate on your own, in a group, or outside on the street. Whether you choose the outdoors or indoors, it is best to avoid rough surfaces so you don’t get hurt.

Perfect Activity To Socialize With Friends. 

It is a great sport to stay in shape and a fantastic way to hang out with friends.

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You might prefer skating indoors on a rink or near your neighborhood if you like to skate. Some skaters also enjoy riding around on the streets in your town and meeting new people and making new friends.

Skating is a fun activity that can improve your health and social life. You should try it out as a new weekly routine at least once.

Roller Skating Is Safer.

Roller skating is a much safer sport than other ones.

Okay, I’m not talking about the slight injury when you skate on a sharp surface. Anything above the knee is protected with kneepads! I’m talking about the health benefits of multiple types of Skating, both in terms of longevity and as a low-risk sport.

A study by Harvard University showed that for every 500 million hours of Skating, only 13 people are involved in injury leading to hospitalization.

This makes it much safer than other sports like football, rugby, and tennis. It’s 4 times safer than basketball.


Roller skates are a great tool for the modern lifestyle. They’re a lot of fun, they’re inherently low-impact, and they can help you get some exercise!

If you’ve tried jogging in the past and found it boring or you want to inspire your kids to exercise and make new friends. Roller skating is your choice.

Also, Skating costs less than some other outdoor sports, so anyone can enjoy it.


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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