Choosing the right pair of skates can seem overwhelming, especially if it is your first purchase.

Our Buying Guide can help you choose the right skate, whether you’re a beginner or trying to replace an existing pair of roller skates.

Here are the 4 most important steps every skate buyer must take to ensure they buy the right skate.

Step 1: Decide which type of skate do you want: inline or quad

Inline skates have wheels that are in a single straight line. These wheels are much easier to maneuver. They’re great for outdoor or roller hockey, and you can maneuver quickly around potholes or cones.

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Inline skates are a great choice if you’re looking for a similar feeling to ice skating or want to travel far on your skates.

inline skate

Quad skates use wheels in a two-by-two arrangement. They are more stable and thus better for beginners.

Quad skates, also known as roller skates, are the best choice for anyone interested in skating with artistic, jam style, or roller derby. You can also enjoy your skates at the skatepark with the proper hardware and protective gear.

The brake location is another difference between quad and inline skates. Inline skates have the brake located at the heel. Quad skates have the “toe stops” attached to the plate under each boot’s toe.

rolelr skates

After You have decided to buy quad skates. Next, you will need to decide if your preference is indoors or outside.

Step 2: Determine if you want indoor or outdoor skates.

What are the differences between indoor skate and outdoor skate?

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The answer is the wheels! Indoor wheels have less grip, making them easier to slide on rink floors and derby tracks.

Outdoor wheels have a better grip, allowing them to absorb shock more easily as they roll over dirt and other rough surfaces.

Some wheels are all-purpose. They can be used indoors and outdoors. This means they have a hardness level between a standard indoor and an outdoor wheel hardness.

Most children’s skates come with all-purpose wheels. Skaters who are serious about their sport prefer to change their wheels whenever they switch from indoor to outdoor skating.

Step 3: Decide if you want a boot with a high-top style or a low-top style.

Low-top or high-top, it doesn’t really matter which style you prefer. High-top boots look more traditional, while low-top boots feel like sneakers.

Low-top boots, also known as speed boots, are often used on jam skates and derby.

Low-top boots

High-top boots are used on rhythm and artistic skates.

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High-top boots

Step 4: Which size roller skates should i buy?

You should try on and measure your skates just like any clothing or accessory.

You should generally be able to wear a skate that’s the same or slightly larger size than your shoes, provided it is properly laced.

Additional Tips for Choosing Your Right Roller Skates

You can now narrow your search for a quad or inline skate, an indoor or outdoor skate, and a low-top or high-top boot. Many skaters choose based on price, boot color, or brand.

Boots made from leather or suede are typically more expensive than those made out of vinyl or microfiber.

Prices are also affected by the quality and design of the skates. For example, A plate made of aluminum or magnesium is more expensive than one made of nylon.


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