There are many options when it comes to boots and other equipment. It is crucial to be familiar with the tools and techniques required for building your own roller skates.

You don’t have to be a pro at using the tools. A friend can help you, or your local shop will.

The Best Part About Creating Your Own Custom Roller Skates

You can customize your roller skates to your liking, including the boot, plate, trucks, bearings, wheels, toe stops, and even the color.

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It is possible to convert sneakers into roller skates. You can wear your Vans, Chucks, or Jordans and still look great!

Be aware that they may not provide the same support or durability as authentic skate boots, and you might need to add reinforcement in some places.

Things You Need To Build Your Own Custom Roller Skates

1. Toe stops or plugs

Toe stops come in two sizes: 5/8″ for an adjustable toe stop and 5/16″ for a fixed (non-adjustable toe stop).

Some plates can be equipped with adjustable toe stops, while others have housing that allows for fixed toe stops. Make sure to order the right toe stop for your plate.

To ensure that your toe stop is not too long or short, you will need to check the length of the stem.

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Another option is jam plugs. Jam plugs are very common among advanced skaters, who often do jam skating and other forms of roller skating where toe stop can be a problem. They are tiny and fit where a regular toe-stop would go.

It can cause severe damage to a skating rink’s floor if you don’t plug your plate with a jam or toe plug. There are two sizes of jam plugs. If you need to replace an adjustable (5/8″) or fixed (5/16″) toe stop, make sure to select the correct roller skate jam plug.

2. Boot

It is preferable to have ‘high tops’ made from high-quality leather or suede. You want to be able to skate in a boot that provides the support and durability you need.

Van’s Sk8 hi’s are our preferred choice for ramp skating. They provide excellent support and are incredibly durable.

To allow for the Aluminium insole, we recommend going half a size larger.

Aluminum strengthening insole

You will need to cut the insole 2-3mm to fit your boot. The insole supports the boot and allows you to mount the plate. Most likely, it was purchased in sheets form.

3. Bearings

Bearings are found inside wheel hubs and make the wheel turn! 16 are required in total (2 for each wheel). Bearing quality is crucial as it determines how much “roll” the bearing has.

The bearing sizing is either 8mm or 7mm. Your skate plate’s axle must be the same size as your bearings.

Example: A 8mm axle will require an 8mm bearing.

4. Comfort innersole

Get a new innersole made from durable material for added comfort and protection. Get something that offers good support for long rides.

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5. Plate

We love the SureGrip Avanti Magnesium Plates, but many other options work well.

6. Trucks

Custom skate builds can use Wide Trucks. Wider trucks offer more excellent stability and more ability to grind.

CIB Grind Trucks can be used to build custom skates and are compatible with a range of plates.

7. Sliders or slide blocks

You can add another option to enhance your setup and skate. Sliders/Slide blocks make it easy to drop in and stall and allow you to slide over rails, coping, and other obstacles.

8. Wheels

Roller skate wheels can be used indoors, outdoors, or as a hybrid. 4 wheels per skate are required. The “hardness” determines whether a wheel can be used indoors, outdoors, or in a hybrid setting.

A number is followed by an “A” letter. This indicates the hardness. The “A” scales measure the Urethane Compound Wheels’ harnesses.

The lower the number (more grip), the more soft the wheel. The wheel will have less grip if it is higher.

Outdoor skating will require a wheel that is 85A or less, and indoor skating requires a wheel that is 92A or more. A hybrid wheel’s hardness will be in the middle, usually between 85A to 92A.

There are also a variety of wheel diameters, ranging from 40mm up to 70mm. You can also choose from various wheel sizes, from 40mm to 70mm. This is ideal for artistic and rhythmic skating.

The bigger the wheel diameter, have more traction and a higher center of gravity. This is ideal for skating on rough surfaces.

Instructions For Creating Own Roller Skates


  • Take out the boot’s original innersole and laces.
  • Be sure to eliminate the entire insole, including foam pieces that may stick to the base. The original innersole should be thrown away, but the laces can be kept!
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  • Mark the insole and cut two insoles using a sheet of aluminum 2-3mm thick. This step can be skipped if you already have Aluminium Insoles.
  • Some boots might require an outer sole. You can do this by adding two extra insoles to the boot and attaching them externally between it and the plate. We recommend boots with a solid sole to avoid excess weight and work.


  • Insert the aluminum insole into your boot.
  • Position your plate in the sole center and mark the mounting holes.
  • Plate placement is essential to your enjoyment of your ride. Off-center skates will make for a wrong time.


  • Keep the insole of the aluminum shoe in place and drill the mounting holes through both the boot and the insole.
  • Do NOT go through the boot from the other side!


  • Dispose of the aluminum insole, and countersink all mounting holes.
  • Trim the toe end off approx 1-2 cm from the end mounting holes.


  • Place the Sliders in the central position of the kingpins.
  • Mark and drill mounting holes on your Sliders
  • Mount the Plate and Sliders to your boot using the provided hardware
  • Be sure to trim any excess hardware.

Grind trucks

  • Mount Trucks to Plate
  • Plates with hard plastic pivot cups will need to be replaced by standard rubber ones.
  • To make it easier to skate, most standard roller skate kingpins must be reduced in length. Either buy shorter kingpins or trim them.


  • Add the comfort insoles.
  • Add your choice in bearings and/or wheels.


  • Get out there, put on your shoes and get ripping!

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