Do You Require to Wear a Helmet When Roller Skating? The short answer is no, as there aren’t any laws that require it.

But, should you wear a helmet when roller skating? I would say yes.

Let’s face it, many people at your skatepark or rink believe that helmets are too geeky or uncool.

However, an unmistakable voice in your head tells you to wear a helmet in the event you fall on your head. That’s probably why you are reading this article.

And I can understand. It can be very self-conscious to wear a helmet in the skatepark, especially if you are not wearing it.

Statistics on The Facts of Figures and Injury

Here are some of the statistics about roller skating injuries.

The prospective survey included 111 injuries sustained while roller skating. Males were more often injured than women.

A high number of serious injuries occurred (86%), with 28% requiring surgical treatment.

The wrist (23%), followed by the elbow (15%), the shoulder (20%), and the ankle (12%) were the most common injuries.

Here you go. Roller skating injuries are much less common than inline skating or skateboarding. However, you shouldn’t overlook the possibility of injury that can still occur.

Do You Need A Helmet While Roller Skating?

smokes coming out from the helmet

It’s up to you. It is not required to be worn in most areas.

But, if you look at the statistics, it is clear that serious injuries from roller skating can result in needing surgery.

A helmet can offer great protection for your head.

Situations in Which You Need to Wear a Helmet

A helmet is a good idea at all times. However, many variables could affect your decision. You should always keep a helmet handy in any given situation.

1. When you are going for street skating

It is different if you are going to skate on a smooth surface such as the skating rink. In this scenario, it might be okay to not wear the helmet.

We’re referring to traffic, uneven roads, gravel, pebbles, and people. Street skating can lead to many unexpected outcomes.

Imagine that you are skating on the side of a road, and a scooter suddenly appears out of nowhere. You’ll end up in the hospital, even though it’s not your fault.

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The same goes for slipping on a pebble or falling onto the road. It’s impossible to see what lies ahead on urban roads or in the great wild. So, it’s a good idea to wear a helmet and safety guards. No one will laugh at you because everyone wears one on their scooters.

2. When you are skating down verts and rails

You must wear a helmet if you plan to skate down 12 feet of verts or rail grinding.

Still not convinced?

You can watch YouTube roller skating fails compilations, and you will get the picture. You will be unable to look at rails or verts if you fall. You will fall if you are a roller skater, no matter how advanced or a beginner you are.

It’s better not to regret making poor life choices in a hospital ward.

3. If you are an absolute beginner

Although experts might be able to get away with not wearing a helmet when skating, most people who just started to learn to roller skate fall.

The result is that your body propels you forwards, but your upper bodies tend to move backward due to inertia.

As a result, You might even fall to your head.

You will also fall if you are unfamiliar with the vert. Also, there’s a high possibility that you will fall on your backward head.

As a beginner, you must wear a helmet.

4. When you’re skating at home

This is a problem that even pros face. It’s amazing how many people fall on their heads while skating at home. The reason is simple. You lose your balance, and then crash into the wall or table.

Skateparks are spacious, and you’re the only one there. A house has many variables. You could fall from the sudden transition between your carpet and your floor due to tables, chairs, windows, or even chairs.

It is best to not skate at your house. You can also use a helmet and skate in a large room if you feel the need. Get rid of all the furniture.

5. When you are playing roller derby, hockey, or racing

Hockey and roller derby are extremely tough and dangerous sports requiring helmets. The roller derby rules require that you wear a helmet with a star on the front. This is not to protect but to identify yourself.

A helmet is also recommended for racing on a flat surface or downhill. The high velocity of the fall can make a significant impact on your head. As they say, “speed thrills but kills.” And you do not want to be killed. Although it’s not a perfect analogy, serious injuries are possible.

Reason of Why Don’t Other Skaters Wear a Helmet?

Unfortunately, it’s true. The majority of skaters do not wear a helmet. However, if they did, it would significantly reduce the annual accidents and injuries. Here are some reasons why other skaters don’t wear a helmet:

1. Wearing a helmet is ‘dorky’

Many children are ridiculed by their peers for wearing a helmet. They think it’s a bit ‘dorky.’ Although we don’t know why, people have been taught that the more dangerous a sport, the cooler it is.

It’s not easy to break the stereotypes. People tend to believe that glasses and timid personalities make you a nerd. A helmet makes you a “mama’s boy” or “mama’s girl.” To be clear, it’s nothing embarrassing to be a Mama’s Boy.

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We’ve got teenagers saying, “Mom, I can’t wear that. What would my friends think?”

Now, it’s high time to forget these foolish notions and be safe. If a child makes fun of your safety, they are probably 10 years old. Be more direct with your friends who tease you. Use words and not punches. You should replace your friend’s group if things get serious.

2. They are professionals who know what they’re doing

Do you really need a helmet to walk down the stairs? Because you feel comfortable and don’t fall, it’s unnecessary to wear a helmet when climbing stairs. You don’t need a helmet, even though you might fall.

Roller skating is no different. Some skaters have so much experience that it is natural to get on the wheels.

They will not hesitate to drop down a 15-foot vert just like the rest of you. It’s as simple as walking down the stairs. Most of the time, they get away with it without a helmet. But, nothing is impossible, and they can still get injured.

Even for pros, it is recommended to wear a helmet.

3. Helmets can be very uncomfortable

Won’t lie. It’s true. When you do certain tricks, helmets can be uncomfortable and sweaty.

They only feel uncomfortable at the beginning. It is just a matter of getting used to it. You should also look for a helmet that fits comfortably on your head and doesn’t poke your head from the inside. If the helmet is too big, it can cause blurred vision.

4. The area is safe and flat

There are few people nearby when they skate in a flat rink. People don’t feel the necessity to wear helmets. They won’t likely crash into their skate mates.

A helmet is unnecessary if people aren’t trying to do anything extravagant, such as jumping on verts and 360-degree jumps.

It’s fine to wear a helmet if they are just playing light music on their roller skates. Taking a short break is fine when they feel they’re skating safely and being cautious.

How to Find a Roller Skating Helmet That Fits You Well

Roller skating is an exciting sport that requires protection. Only a helmet that is properly fitted to your activity will be useful. If you’re roller skating, your ideal helmet will be:

  • CPSC-certified or specifically designed for use in roller skating. The CPSC aims to create helmets that can be used for both biking and skating. They are safe to use.
  • Snug-fitting. Unsecure helmets are dangerous. Your helmet should be well-fitted but also comfortable.
  • Can sit evenly on your head without bouncing. A well-made helmet will not move to one side or the other. The helmet will stay centered on your head without shifting.
  • Fitted with secure buckles. You should be able to adjust your helmet once and have it stay in place for a good while. It shouldn’t take too much adjustment to make it work.

Another Consideration Is Whether The Helmet is Comfortable?

An uncomfortable helmet can ruin your skating experience. Try on various helmets in a shop.

  • Check that the helmet isn’t too big
  • Check that the helmet is not too tight
  • Make sure there are no sharp edges in the helmet
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The helmet will be comfortable once you have met the three above requirements.

How Long Can a Helmet Last?

Like roller skates, helmets don’t last forever. People shouldn’t treat them as permanent fixtures. Each helmet has a point of expiration. While most helmets don’t have an expiration date, some guidelines can help you know when it’s time for a new helmet.

Skating helmets are built to withstand one incident. If you get hit on the head with your helmet, you will have to replace it.

Some helmets come with labels that state they can handle multiple impacts. To find out when a replacement is available, you should inspect the box of your helmet.

Not sure if you should get a new one? It is a good rule to remember that any helmet showing signs of damage should always be replaced. A helmet that is damaged is not safe.

Are You Still Thinking The Helmet Is Uncool?

My friend, you haven’t actually checked the internet.

Companies have been releasing helmets in all styles and colors as rollerblading and skateboarding made a remarkable comeback in 2021.

There are many cool colors and designs.

There are many options. You can find helmets in metallic and glitter colors. A helmet with a mohawk at the top was even available.

Modern outfits can be paired with some helmets.

Some helmets look more like a bowl of rice than they do. These helmets look more like a phat and go well with any modern outfit.

If you’re careful about choosing the right size, you can still look cool in a helmet.

You can even customize your helmet

Can you customize your helmet?

Why not?

You can simply buy a white or black helmet and then paint it. It’s that simple.

You can add other colors and match them with accessories such as earrings or a backpack.

Are You Still Unmotivated?

This last reminder will help you make a decision about whether or not to wear a helmet.

  • People are too busy worrying about themselves.
  • They don’t have the time or patience to evaluate your helmet.
  • Other skaters may be willing to wear helmets if they take your initiative.
  • nobody is old enough to consider a helmet uncool. They are probably 12-year-old immature who are embarrassed by their helmet.
  • Come up with catchy phrases for when someone scolds you for wearing helmets.
  • Make sure all your friends have a helmet and go out with your helmet-loving friends.
  • Wearing your helmet will make your parents proud. Your parents are more important than any random pedestrian on the street.
  • Your life is only once, so treasure it.

Here you go. These are all reasons to wear helmets and to be proud.

Final Thought on Whether to Wear a Helmet While Roller Skating

Some people do not wear helmets. Ever. It doesn’t matter if they are skating on a hockey roller rink in winter or indoors. It’s not a good idea.

Falls in rollerskating is quite common. And you won’t be skating much or at all with a busted brain.

So, Make sure you have a good helmet. Be the rollerskater who doesn’t care what other people think.


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