The small pieces inserted between the bearings of your skate wheels axles are called spacers.

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They ensure that the bearings are perfectly coherent to allow for optimal matching and synchronization.

When tightened, the bearings will lean on them.

What Are Spacers For on Roller Skate Bearings?

Bearing spacers are small cylinders that fit between the bearings on skate wheels.

These cylinders reduce the bearing’s weight and can improve the stability of your turns and prolong the life of your bearings.

Are Bearing Spacers Slowing You Down?

Bearing spacers are small tubes that hold the inner race of your bearings in a proper alignment on the axle.

The wheel core keeps the outer races apart. However, it is easy to tighten your axles without a bearing spacer to the inner race and place unnecessary stress on your bearings.

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This will wear your bearings out very quickly and slow down the process.

What is The Importance of Bearing Spacers?

Bearing spacers are crucial. Bearing spacers can be found within the wheel between the two bearings.

This ensures that the inner races of each bearing are correctly aligned. This will ensure that the bearings are perfectly aligned on the axle. It will also allow for minimal friction.

Are You Really Going to Need Spacers For Your Roller Skate?

Skaters who do not have bearing spacers might find it easier to just loosen their axle nuts slightly to allow the wheels to spin freely.

An axle that is not tight will cause a chattery, noisy ride. Although your bearings may move faster for a couple of sessions, the bearings will wear out much quicker when the bearings are unable to handle the side-to-side play.

You might “explode” your bearing, which means that the inner and outer races of the bearing are separated, and the wheel is thrown off. Bad!

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Bearing spacers can be a great investment in your wheels. They are only a few pence and will make your bearings last longer. They can also be used in future bearings. What’s not to love?


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