Many roller skaters are often forced to give up their skates because they no longer fit.

A roller skater recently asked if skateboard wheels could be used on roller skates.

If this is your first time asking this question, you’re welcome to read this article.

Can Skateboard Wheels be Used for Roller Skating?

Yes, you can use skateboard wheels on roller skates. You have a pair of torn wheels and used roller skates, you might be able to use them. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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The materials and bearings used in skateboard and roller skate wheels are the same. They have similar core spacing, shape, diameter, and bearings and 8mm bearings.

However, large wheels can sometimes increase the weight of your roller skates and affect your skating performance. You’re safe to use if your skateboard wheels are between 55 and 64 mm in diameter.

How Can You Tell if Skateboard Wheels will fit Your Roller Skates?

Although there aren’t exact measurements, knowing the width of the skateboard wheel will allow you to calculate the dimensions and determine if it will fit onto standard roller skate trucks. Skateboard wheels often come with 8mm axles to the truck.

All are either traditional or almost identical. Professional inline skates have four wheels.

Quads, on the other hand, are very similar to skateboards in that they use four wheels in a combination of 2-2. You will need to be able to decide what you want.

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If the wheel width is between 30-33mm and the plate matches, then you can surely use them.

Why Skateboard Wheels Get Used on Roller Skates?

The only right answer to why someone would do something is their preference.

Depending on whom you ask, some may be against using skateboard wheels in this manner, while others might agree.

It doesn’t matter who you ask; it is vital to understand why things happen and what that means for the person involved.

Skateboard wheels on skate skates is a niche subject. However, the answers are still available.

People who do this tend to point out stability as the reason they do so.

Skateboard wheels can be stable and reliable, provided they are used correctly.

Many people will flip the wheels on a roller skating skate to use these wheels because they are more stable than traditional roller skate wheels.

The wheels are generally wider-set, meaning they feel a little more abruptly than traditional roller skates.

Although this harsh feeling might seem negative, but many skaters enjoy it.

Skateboard riders will find it easier to brake and perform tricks more easily when riding abruptly.

People who skate often may desire a similar feeling wheel-to-wheel, so they switch the wheels on their roller skates.

Tips for Using Skateboard Wheels on Roller Skates

As with all things, you can get many useful tips from experts who know their stuff.

These tips will help to understand what you should do and what not.

Understanding the subject matter from every angle, regardless of your goals is crucial.

Follow the instructions carefully and be aware of what you are doing.

Do not rush through the process, as it can only cause more harm than good.

However, make sure you have all the necessary tools.

It’s never a good idea to do it yourself with something that doesn’t work well or with something different.

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You are given instructions for a reason. Follow them carefully.

It is not a good idea to rush or skip steps, especially when it comes to something as important as the removal and replacement of wheels.

Lastly, Don’t be afraid of reaching out for help.

Anybody familiar with the skating sport will be able to help you.

Skate shops will welcome you to ask any questions as long as you are patient and don’t rush.

What Should be Avoided While using Skateboard Wheels on Roller Skates?

The tips and tricks involved in the process are helpful, but there are also guidelines about what you shouldn’t do.

Whether it’s the specifics involved in the wheels’ size or what you need to do, there’s a lot of information related to the subject.

For starters, ensure that the wheel you plan to use on your roller skate fits and works well.

It will be a nightmare to take everything apart only to discover that the wheel you are trying to install won’t work.

Don’t panic if you find yourself in this situation.

Do not worry if you don’t think you have one.

You have two options: go online to order wheels or visit a local shop for advice.

It doesn’t matter what case it might be. It is always in your best interests to listen to experts.

It is not a good idea to ignore them or try to do everything yourself, especially when it comes down to something so niche.

But, think about whether the effort you are putting in is worthwhile.

You might consider another route if you only want to use your skateboard wheels on roller skates just for fun.

It is quite different to ride roller skates on these wheels than regular roller skating, which should be noted.

Is it Safe to Use Skateboard Wheels on Roller Skates?

Regarding dangers associated with skateboard wheels and roller skates, there isn’t much to be concerned about.

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If you do everything right, you only need to know how the new wheels will work with them.

Skateboard wheels are much more abrupt than traditional roller skating wheels. This means there is a lot to consider when operating your roller skates.

Therefore, It is important to take the time needed to accomplish what you are trying to do.

However, there is a risk that you will make a mistake and cause serious problems.

You run the risk of damaging your roller skates or crashing them.

Don’t force the wheel to fit your roller skates if it isn’t fitted properly.

It’s impossible to predict what could go wrong, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

It’s generally in your best interests to understand what could go wrong and what you should be doing.

It’s impossible to predict when an issue will arise, and you need to act quickly before it becomes too serious.

Skateboarding and rollerskating will continue to be popular, especially in the modding world. People switch between the wheels of each for extra fun.

There are Differences Between Skateboard Sheels and Roller Skate Wheels.

These two skateboards have little in common, except that the axles on skateboards are shorter than those on roller skates.

Roller skates offer better control, as they have a break or stop at each toe.

Skateboards do not have a brake on the toe, so it is difficult for skaters to stop them unless they are skilled.


So, Can you use skateboard wheels on roller skates?

You don’t have to throw away your skateboard if it isn’t in good condition. You can still use your old skateboard wheels to propel around on roller skates.

Please remember this. Skaters must choose their wheels carefully to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


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