Yes, You can skate outside using an indoor roller skate.

The wheels of roller skates are usually made from a solid core and a rubber tire covered with urethane. These can be clipped to your outdoor skates.

However, This can lead to frustration and disappointment. Because they have poor grip on most surfaces, it can be challenging to skate outside.

Roller skate wheels are not evenly distributed on the pavement. They can be damaged by rocks and cracks, which could cause them to break or fall off.

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You can still use the indoor wheels to skate outdoors, but you should always wear elbow and knee pads. They will protect you from falling.

You will also find it easier to have bearings along with the roller skates so that you don’t have to switch them around.

What is The Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Skates?

Roller skates can be purchased for either indoor or outdoor use, although many skaters simply switch between the two.

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Outdoor skates are more durable and robust than those made for indoor skating.

They can withstand harsher surfaces like cement and provide more support for your ankles on more challenging terrains.

Below are 2 difference between outdoor and indoor skates.

1. Types of wheels

It can be challenging to choose the right skate wheels for roller skating. However, some tips can help.

There are two types: hard and soft. solf wheels are best for outdoor skating on concrete and asphalt surfaces, while hard skate wheels are suitable for indoor skating on smooth surfaces like wood or linoleum.

You should have both indoor and outdoor skating capabilities, so you can use them both indoors and outdoors. You only need a pair of soft-wheeled skates if you skate indoors.

2. Size of the wheel

In addition to hardness and how it interacts with the surface where you are skating, wheel size is also essential.

For outdoor skating, larger wheels are better than smaller ones. Indoor skating is best with smaller wheels.

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Because the surface area is smaller, it takes less time for the rollers to complete a full rotation. This means that it takes less time for the wheel to make a complete rotation.

Why is this important?

Well, Roller skating is best done on roller skates with wheels between 60 and 70mm, so you can turn quickly.

This increases the tire’s stickiness and helps it last longer on uneven surfaces such as concrete and asphalt.

How to Convert Indoor Skates into Outdoor Skates?

You don’t need to purchase a new pair of skates to skate outside. You may need a couple of skates for every type of skating.

However, indoor skates can be converted to outdoor skates if you are a frequent skater. It’s straightforward! All you have to do is change your skate wheels.

How to change your skate wheel?

It’s easy to change your wheels; all you need is a skate tool and an Allen wrench.

  • Remove the axle bolts from your wheel and place them aside.
  • Remove the bearings and spacer from the old wheel and transfer them to the new wheel.
  • Place the new wheel on the frame. Then, use your tool to tighten it. Aluminum spacers can be used to tighten the axle. However, if you use plastic spacers, you should not tighten the wheel too much as it could cause cracking.
  • Give the wheels a spin to ensure that they are spinning freely. You may need to loosen your axle if the wheel is not spinning freely. You can tighten the axle if the wheel is wobbly.

Ending Words

Outdoor roller skate wheels have been specifically designed for outdoor use.

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The hard material used in the outdoor roller skating wheels is made to withstand all-terrain. Indoor roller skate wheels are designed for smooth surfaces and cannot withstand any rougher terrain.

Both types of skate wheels can be used outside. However, they each have their own features that make them more useful.

You can go outside on indoor wheels by knowing the basics and choosing the right outdoor wheels for your outdoor skates.

Then, you can put them on your skates.


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