You should probably not try to roller skate at most skate parks since they are designed specifically for skating.

Many have signs that say only skateboards are allowed.

Although it is unlikely that you will be cited for illegal activity at a skatepark, the local skaters won’t be too nice to you, even though you might not be a woman.

Both skateboarders and roller skaters prefer different surfaces for skating.

It’s not unreasonable to claim a flat area is for skaters to use.

If this is the case, you might consider moving to concrete handball and basketball courts.

What You Should Not Do in a Skatepark

Let’s take a look at some things you should avoid to fit in at your local skating park.

  • Do not try to find a skatepark in rush hour traffic.

What is the worst time to learn about a skatepark?

This would be in the late evening or late afternoon (or on weekends). This is when the park is full.

You’ll be frustrated if you don’t learn enough about skatepark basics. Do yourself a favour and learn how to skate before the crowds.

It is always a good idea if you arrive early.

Younger children are at school while older adults work.

You’ll almost have the entire skatepark to yourself if you arrive early in the morning. Morning is a great time to practice your moves and learn how to best use the park.

  • Avoid doing flat ground tricks in the middle or centre of a bowl.

It is best to practice ollie tricks in a quiet area. This is the skatepark etiquette 101. Flat ground tricks can’t be done at the bottom of a ramp or bowl.

  • Keep your wax private.
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While a waxed surface may be helpful for trick flipping, it can also cause slippage.

You might have a different preference than others. Some people require wax to do their tricks.

To give your truck a little more glide, you can first apply wax. If this doesn’t give enough glide, you can wax directly on the ledge.

Make sure other skaters agree to it. Don’t spread your wax everywhere on the skatepark grounds. Skaters don’t like spills caused by lax wax handling.

  • Skatepark does not give you the ability to do tricks that you wouldn’t be able to do on the streets.

At the skatepark, everything is possible.

There will be obstacles similar to those found on the streets. These obstacles could include stairs, rails and ledges.

If you cannot handle these obstacles, don’t attempt to skate them at the park.

Although a skatepark is safer than street skating, it will not give you any magic abilities that you didn’t have before.

You can either go early and practice or sit back and watch the more skilled skaters take to the stairs and rails.

It’s a win-win situation. You won’t get in their way, but you can learn a few tricks by watching them.

  • Do not copy the moves of other skaters.

Do not try to be a bad skater by copying their moves. Don’t try to outdo them by performing their tricks better than them.

You can do the same tricks they did, but at the skatepark’s different location.

  • Do not be a snake.
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Unspoken rules in skateparks can lead to a lot of problems.

People don’t even bother waiting their turn. It is important to not snake others.

When people cut you off in the middle of your run, it is called “snaking”.

You should wait for your turn. This is good skatepark etiquette. If you don’t have patience, someone is going to be hurt.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a mini-vert, bowl, or ramp. Remember that other people are also using the skatepark.

When it’s their turn, let them take turns.

  • Keep your skater friends and crew out of the way of other skaters.

You should move away from other skaters after completing them to avoid injury or harm to others.

You must observe the skatepark rules.

Pay attention to the location of other skaters. Don’t get in the way of other skaters.

Also, this is a great place to discuss fall etiquette.

If you are not injured, you should immediately get up if you fall. If you fall and stay down, people will assume that you are injured and need to be helped.

If you don’t want an ambulance to come for you, you should get up as soon as you fall. You also put yourself in danger if you stay down.

Accidents and collisions can happen.

Sometimes you might run into someone. Other times, somebody will run right into you.

Be cool and ensure that the other person is not hurt by the collision. Once everyone is safe, get out of the way and let others skate.

  • Don’t just hang out at the skatepark. You’re there to skate.

Do not hang out with friends in the middle of a skatepark.

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If you aren’t skating, keep your socializing and your friends to the fence or the park’s outer edges.

Do not socialize at the top or middle of the obstacles.

Don’t sit at the bowl’s edges.

If you talk more than you skate, stay within the designated area of the skateboard park so that you don’t stand in anyone’s way.

Don’t forget the spectators you brought along. You can choose a convenient spot for friends, family and others to view you.

There are benches for those who don’t skate. Ensure everyone is safe, and don’t let your guests get in the way.

  • Don’t start your Roller skating career at a skatepark

If you’re brand new to skating. Don’t start your skating career at a skatepark.

Before you can jump in the bowl, you need to learn the basics of roller skating. Before you can start to learn how to stand on the roller skates, push off and maintain your balance, you must be familiar with the basic principles of skating.

Before you can run, you need to learn how to walk.

You’ll fall over every time you attempt to learn how to roller skates in a park instead of making steady progress. This can make it so frustrating before you even learn how to fly.

Roller Skate At A Rink Or At A Skatepark For Beginners

You should definitely go to a rink if you are lucky enough to find one near your house.

It will be much more enjoyable and safer because of the consistent, smooth surface.

You are also more likely to find a teacher at the rink than anywhere else.


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