As a child, I skated. Then as a young adult, life took me out of the sport for many years. I rediscovered it when I was 43 and had to learn again.

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This was over 4,000 miles and 4.5 years ago. It was one of my best and most healthy decisions. Roller skating on a rink can be fun and a great way to learn. However, I do prefer rollerblading outdoors though.

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Here Are 10 Things You Should Know

1. Free yourself no matter what age you are

Skating is like flying. It’s a sport that is as liberating as any other. It’s a great way to relax after a long day or to get away from the stress of making difficult decisions.

2. Skating can be a great workout for people above 40 years old

It can be as intense or light as you wish, but still fun. Skating is a variety of different styles, which means there are many options for everyone.

3. It can be difficult to learn roller skating at first

It looks worse than it really is. It will seem difficult to put on skates when you’re first get them on.

But, as you become more confident, it will get easier. You will find that the faster you go, the harder it is for you to balance.

This is similar to riding a bicycle. Once you are able increase your speed, you will have mastered the basics. This is not difficult.

4. Do not walk forward, but push your legs out.

Stride by pushing your legs to the side instead of trying to push them forward like walking

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. Also, practice and learn how to stop.

5. Safety is important, especially for those over 40 years old.

Wear elbow pads, knee pads, wrist pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. 

Side note: It seems that hard plastic wrist protectors can slip if they are dropped on. If you do use them, wrap them in sticky tape or some other protection to stop them sliding. 

You might consider using surgical tape or another type of texture. They are not used by me. Instead, I use bike gloves to protect my skin.

6. Carry blinkers or flashlight

You should also bring blinkers and a flashlight if you plan to skate on the streets at night or near dusk.

7. Get a bottle of Tylenol ready

Tylenol is a good choice to keep at home.

A vigorous skate can cause lower back pain. 

However, I have a much better sleep since I started to skate.

8. Your upper body are also important

To be able to catch yourself in a fall, strengthen your upper body.

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9. Skate on the streets with caution

If you are skating on the streets, use bike hand signals and comply with traffic rules.

Also, be aware that not all cities allow street skating. Sidewalks can be dangerous for skating so avoid them if possible.

Instead, find a park nearby with a smooth path.

10. If you are going to skate outdoors, be aware of any potential dangers

If you are skating outside, be sure to keep an eye on the path in front. Look out for pebbles, sticks, sand, salt, salt residue, holes, mud and any standing water that is over about an inch or two (this will slow your wheels and make you fall over). 

In warm weather, “Asphalt snakes” and tar on roads can be dangerous. Also, dogs love to chase skaters so be sure to give them space to avoid chaos.


Skating is great for cardio and helps you burn calories quickly. Hope you have a great time!


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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