It is widely believed that children should not start roller skating until they reach at least 4 years of age.

However, many parents wonder if their 1-year-old child is too young to start roller skating.

So, can a 1-year-old child start to roller skate?

The answer is Yes, a 1-year-old can roller skate.

But, depending on the child’s whether they are physically ready for it.

Because children younger than 3 years old may not have the balance and coordination needed to roller skate. Keep this in mind!

Developmental Milestones of a 1-year-old toddler

Most toddlers in this stage still learn skills such as taking the first step, smiling for the first time, and waving “bye-bye.”

If your children seem to be moving continually—running, kicking, climbing, or jumping. Then it’s a good sign that you can let them try roller skating.

But make sure you take all the safety precautions!

The benefit of roller skating for 1-year-old children

There are some benefits to starting roller skating at a young age.

First, roller skating helps improve balance and coordination.

Second, it helps children learn to stay on track and navigate obstacles.

Third, it helps children develop strength and endurance.

Why Let 1-year-old children learn to roller skate?

There are many reasons why parents should allow their 1-year-old children to learn how to roller skate.

One reason is that roller skating is a fun activity that can keep children active and healthy while teaching them important life skills.

To start, a one year olds can start learning how to roller skate by wearing roller skates specially designed for beginners.

These skates typically have soft wheels and a low-profile design, making it easier for 1-year-old children to balance and control their movements.

To speed up their learning curve, parents can help their children learn how to roller skate by providing plenty of encouragement and positive reinforcement.

Apart from that, it’s also important to ensure that children wear the correct safety gear, such as a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads if has one.

It can be difficult to find one in the market, I know…

Another reason to let a 1-year-old child learn roller skating is to improve their balance and coordination.

Not only that! It also helps strengthen their muscles and increases their flexibility.

Where can my children practice roller skating?

There are a few different places where a one-year-old child can practice roller skating.

1. Get an Instructors

The pros of finding a good Instructor can help children as young as one year old learn how to roller skate safely.

Because instructors have the knowledge to teach the children how to balance, stay safe on the skates, and stop and turn. 

So, Having someone there to help them makes the process much easier and safer for the child.

Of course, not every instructor has a lesson teaching 1-year-old children how to roller skate, be sure to check with them first.

2. At Home

It is never too early to start teaching children how to roller skate. In fact, many parents begin teaching their children as early as 1 year old.

Before you start teaching your children roller skate, there are a few precautions that parents should take into consideration when teaching their children how to roller skate at home.

The first is safety. Make sure that the area where your child is learning is free of debris and obstacles.

The second precaution is patience. 

Teach your child one step at a time and be patient when they make mistakes. 

Roller skating can be fun for the whole family, but it is important to take the necessary precautions to ensure your child’s safety while skating.

Lastly, ensure they wear the appropriate safety gear, including a helmet, knee, and elbow pads.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that children can learn to roller skate at 1 year old.

There are several benefits to learning at an early age, such as improved balance and coordination.

Additionally, roller skating is a fun activity that can help children stay active.

So, if you are thinking about enrolling your child in a roller skating class, be sure to do your research first to find a reputable instructor.


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