What is the best rollerblade & roller skates video game ever made?

Okay, let’s get this out of your way: Rollerblade and roller skate games are rare. These events are often forgotten about in history, but they appear in our past. Fortunately, some gems shine through.

Let’s take a look at the history of video games of rollerblading and rollerskating, which brings us up to modern times, which was, at the time, an exciting but clearly dystopian ‘future.

Rollergames – 1990 – NES

Rollergames was a TV show that ran for only a few episodes in the 90s. It was a combination of gladiators, wrestling, and WWE back before it was WWF.

It was the 80s that crossed over into the 90s in an uncomfortable fashion. This is why it has been saved for all eternity for your enjoyment:

DJ Boy – 1989 – Genesis

DJ Boy skates on various stages, using hand-to-hand combat moves to defeat opponents. The battle culminates with a boss at each level.

The player will also come across prizes, which can later be used to buy Power-ups at a store at the end of each level.

Rollerblade Racer – 1993 – NES (DOS, MS-DOS)

Radiance, desperate to get the money from the crazy rollerblade fans of the early 1990s, gave the project either to an intern or to their furriest employee.

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As far as I know, it is a hate-filled and hateful game that rips off Paperboy but takes everything from Paperboy that made Paperboy any good.

The music in this game sounds like an alien race’s early attempt to create a sound weapon that can fry human brains in their skulls.

Skitchin – 1994 – Sega Genesis (Mega Drive)

The Wikipedia article on this game has my favorite quote: “Following it’s release, it received generally negative reception.”

What a wonderful quote.

Some internet dudes were a little kinder to this game.

It’s Road Rash, but with skates. Road Rash was a biker riding along the road, trying to kick other road users and knock them off their bikes. Skitchin will have you “skitching,” or hanging on to other vehicles while they drag, while you attack others.

It’s great to see these old-school videos of a dedicated go-getter (it’s definitely a man) playing a whole game from start to finish.

ESPN Extreme Games 1,2,3- PlayStation – 1995

It is essentially a racing game.

However, it was not the same content as the eponymous X-Games. Instead, it was a 90s-style TV show that was enjoyed by kids who had the right channels. (I just wanted to use the term eponymous, but I didn’t mean it).

Roller Champions: Demo’d at E3 2019

When the demo is out, it has been described as “surprisingly fun.” You wouldn’t believe this game was so fun. It is all about the old failed attempts to make inline skating and roller skating fun on a computer. However, the reviews may be true.

Fun in the game comes from how well they can control the controls, which allows for different skill levels to be developed. Good interactive play with team co-operation is possible.

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The initial murmurs sound great, meaning it wouldn’t be a useless rollerblade game.

1/2/3Xtreme – 1995-1999 – Playstation

The Xtreme games were a mediocre series of racing games at best. But now, 3Xtreme has brought the series to a new all-time low.

You can race on a bike, skates, or both. It’s not a great sport, but it’s fun.

Jet Set Radio – 2000 – Dreamcast, Java ME, PlayStation 3, Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, iOS, Android

It was re-released in 2012 because people loved it. It’s a unique and original game that many people like. It’s very easy to learn the controls and get into the game’s rhythm.

It’s a lot like Tony Hawks, except that you are a futuristic street gang who skates and must spray paint everything to accomplish their goals. You will have enemies, and you’ll even have to spray paint their faces.

It has a unique style, with DJs being the main focus. However, it is very engaging and makes it a lot more fun. Many people have fond memories of this game.

Jet Set Radio Future – 2002 – Xbox

Jet Set Radio Future is a similar game to Jet Set Radio. The player controls a member of a gang of inline skaters known as the GGs and takes control of a futuristic Tokyo. You can perform tricks on the poles and rails, grind backward, do tricks in mid-air, and use boosts on rails and ground to move faster.

Aggressive inline – 2002 – PS2, Xbox, GameCube

The Tony Hawk of Aggressive Inline. Tony Hawk was an excellent series that was extremely fun to watch and helped keep inline skating popular.

This was the most aggressive inline’s attempt at the formula, and it appears to have been popular, even though not as much as the Tony Hawks game.

Toxic Grind 2002 – Xbox

Toxic Grin is a fairly standard extreme sports game and plays very much like its peers.

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Most rider battles are decided solely based on scoring points. Score goals are found on the game’s more standard levels. The rest of the goals are fairly standard for this genre.

The goal is to collect letters, spell words, or perform tricks on certain level objects.

X-Bladez: Inline Skater – 2002 – Playstation

So, we have two wonderful ones. One could even be considered a classic. Things are improving. Then comes X-Bladez:Inline Skater.

If you thought that game developer knew how to create this difficult format – maybe they had figured it out – here’s a game that will ruin everyone’s day.

Rolling – 2003- PS2, Xbox

This one had a few very happy Amazon guys who couldn’t wait for the game to arrive in the USA from Europe.

However, the game rankings provide a less glowing overview if you look at the game rankings.

Roller Skating Girls – Smartphone

This is a game that I would rate 5 stars. You can personalize outfits, hair, and nails in any way. If you like winning, you might even be able to grab a few friends during the competition. This game is a must-play.

Although there are ads, they are extremely short. Sometimes, I forget there are ads. This game is a great choice.

Rainbow Skating – Smartphone

This game is great! It’s relaxing and fun, and there aren’t many ads (at least when compared to other similar games). It would be great if there were more options! We could modify the streaks of the skates or move to levels with different terrain and backgrounds, such as mountains or cities. It’s still a fun game!


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