We’re going to be looking at some of the best rollerskating music videos ever. Why? No one particular reason. Rollerskating can be amazing, that’s it. It’s easy to just let go and watch.

Internacionales – Bomba Estereo – 2017

Roller skating has always been a way to happiness. It’s amazing to see her have so much fun. The magic realism leap to animation then noodles and rice 

Weekend – Priory – 2014

Only Couples Can Skate! The duo, Bailey Noble (True Blood), and Nick Krause, (The Descendants, Boyhood), join the rising Portland couple for a charming roller-romance. Unfortunately, the rink in which this video was made closed just one week later. However, the memories of rollertastic times will last a lifetime.

Blow – Beyonce – 2013

Queen B is the benchmark. Hype Williams directed the iconic Blow music video. It was shot at a local roller-skating park that Beyonce used as a child in Houston, Texas. Beyonce is full of energy, flirty, and fun as she glides through the roller-skating track in a Wonder Woman baseball shirt. Beyonce is a true star!

A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays – De La Soul’s – 1991

This music video for de La Soul’s “A Roll Skating Jam Named Saturdays” highlights the cultural importance of indoor and outdoor skating. It doesn’t matter if you skate indoors or outdoors. Day skating makes it fun to do things during the day.

Domo Genesis – DAPPER feat. Anderson.Paak – 2016

Anderson.Paak appears to be in a video of him roller skating. He certainly brings a roller skate vibe to any music that he makes, even though there aren’t wheels.

Take It or Leave It – Cage the Elephant – 2013

Peak Tumblr era! Nick Murphy and Cage the Elephant collaborated to create a 1970s static VHS tape aesthetic. Unnamed figure-skating champions were invited to join them for the downtempo funk track. The band staged a roller disco paradise with a light show behind them and alongside the dancers who showed off their amazing moves. All we could have hoped for and more. It’s mine!

Fantasy – Mariah Carey’s – 1995

Mariah Carey’s 1995 hit “Fantasy”, features Carey skating and riding rollercoasters on the boardwalk. The video was shot before the party at night.

Gold – Chet Faker – 2014

It was a cultural reset. Truly. Chet Faker caused a stir with an unforgettable video for “Gold,” his hit song. The video was directed by Hiro Murai and choreographed to Ryan Heffington. The video does not feature Faker, but instead the smooth moves of April Corley, Candice Heiden and Appleusa McGlynn who are trailblazers in roller skating. For years, the image of Heiden heading toward the camera in a darkened night with brightly lit yellow roads lines is etched in pop culture memory. You’re welcome to sleep on this one.

Fool – Perfume Genius – 2014

This song is my favorite. I love the lyrics, the rythm and everything about it. The best thing about the video is his facial expression. His expression is neutral, if not blase throughout the video and it just adds to the atmosphere.

Good Stuff – Kelis – 1999

This is a nightclub or a roller rink. It’s something about being surrounded by people, and music videos such as the one for “Star” from 702 and Kelis’ “Good Stuff”, capture this feeling well.

Rush – Kali Uchis – 2015

Baby Kali! The Rush music video, by Kali Uchis, had a profound impact on teenagers all over the world. This highly stylized concept perfectly captures Uchis’s cool girl style with retro twist. This video doesn’t include roller skating as much, as the others. This video made a huge impact on roller skating and has triggered a skate revival among Gen Z. We love a good Kali moment.

Tragedy – Norah Jones – 2016

For visual story-telling, roller skating can be a striking motif. This is why the official lyrics video to “Tragedy” from Norah Jones in which a woman dressed up as a waitress and skates alone in a rink is so sad.

Girl’s best friend – The Datsuns – 2004

The broads on quads known as L.A.’s Derby Dolls kick butt, figuratively and almost literally, in this awesome offering by the garage-rock New Zealanders.

The Heat – Jungle – 2014

This video is worth the hype if you are a serious roller-skating enthusiast! Jungle, an English modern soul group, has released the Heat music video. It is a great mid-2010s jam. This video features only the amazing dance moves of Silence and Icky from High Rollaz UK Skate Crew. High Rollaz UK Skate Crew is a London-based street, freestyle, and jam skating team. The skating is amazing, and the band chose not to take the spotlight, opting to avoid the role of star in the video. This one is our obsession!


It is important to remind you that there are many other videos of roller skating music not listed here. But I have curated these playlists for my enjoyment. I won’t add anything if it doesn’t appeal to me. You’re welcome to suggest additions best roller skating music video 🙂


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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