How much do roller skates weigh? It’s quite a bizarre question.

Surprisingly though, we could answer this question with such authenticity that we decided to create a blog post.

The skates may feel too heavy to lift properly if you are a beginner. That’s because you’re still a beginner. Professionals weigh their roller skates before purchasing a new pair.

I can understand your desire for a thorough research guide on the topic.

We are here to answer all your questions about your roller skates, specifically about the weight and lightness.

I’m sorry to say, but the weight of your skating equipment plays a huge role in the performance of your skater.

How Heavy do Roller Skates Weigh?

According to the manufacturers and the internet, the weight of roller skates is between 2kg and 5kg. Most weigh around 3kg.

This is an average weight, but not the only one. There are many factors which affect the weight of roller skates.

There are many types of roller skates. Some are bigger than others. Some are meant for children and others for adults. Some have metal frames, and others have nylon. Some are better quality than others.

Remember one thing….

Inline rollerblades can be heavier than quad skates because rollerbladers have to use more ankle support. Quad skates are lighter than regular inline skates because they have more balance.

What’s the Roller Skate Weight for Different Brands?

This is where the fun begins. Let’s now compare the weights of popular brands. This doesn’t necessarily mean one brand is better than others. It just gives an idea of some commonalities and variations.

Moxi Lolly Roller Skates3.6 kg / 8 lbs
Moxi Beach Bunny Roller Skates4.5 kg / 10 lbs
Moxi Rainbow Rider Roller Skates4.3 kg / 9.5 lbs
Impala Quad Skates2.7 kg / 6 lbs
Sure-grip White Roller Skates3.6 kg / 8 lbs
Sure-grip Stardust Roller Skates3.6 kg / 8 lbs
These weights are applied to entire pairs of roller skates and not to one shoe.

These brands are constantly changing their skates so the weights can change. You can see that most roller skates are within the 3kg and 5kg limits.

However, cheapskates made of plastic can be purchased at the local wall mart and weigh only 1 kilo. This would indicate low quality. You can still buy them if that’s what you want. Do whatever you wish.

Are my Skates Too Heavy?

Your feet will hurt or feel uncomfortable after you take a skating lesson.

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If your skate is too large, you will get blisters, hammertoes, or bunions.

Why are my Skates so Heavy?

Everything is important when it comes down to the weight of your roller skates.

Skates in various sizes

Your feet will influence the size and weight of your roller skates. This is quite straightforward, right?

You can also find roller skates made for professionals and for adults. Some are meant for children younger than 10.

Roller Skate Boots

The weight will also depend on the type of roller skate boot. Roller derby skate boots have a harder sole, while street skate boots feel more comfortable. Some boots are thicker and offer more support for the ankles. Others are lighter for indoor skating.

Roller Skate Wheels

There are two kinds of wheels: indoor and outdoor.

These have different materials and weights. There are wheels with larger diameters which offer more speed, while smaller wheels are better for beginners. Some wheels can be made out of plain plastic.

Roller Skate Quad Plate

There are many debates about using heavier or lighter quad plates for roller skating.

Professional roller skaters are designed with that in mind. There are quad plates made of aluminum and metal that are very heavy, while nylon plates are much lighter.

Roller Skating Style

Okay, so roller skating has different styles. Indoors, roller derby, figure, outdoor, street skating, etc.

Each type of skating will affect the design of their skates, including their weight.

Indoor skates tend to be lighter than outdoor ones.

The Skater’s Weight

Many roller skating skates have a weight limit.

If your weight exceeds this limit, you should choose another pair of skates.

Larger and heavier skates usually have a higher weight limit, while smaller skates are the reverse.

Own Preference

Some prefer stability more than speed, while some people like speed.

Some prefer heavy and bulky rolling skates, while others enjoy the lightness of roller skating.

For beginners, it is more common to use lighter skates. Professionals opt for what suits their personal style.

Lighter vs Heavier Plates

This is where you can see the weight difference.

You will usually need to make an informed choice when choosing a roller skate plate. Roller skate plates are usually labelled with the weight they are. Different plates can have a different effect on your experience with roller skating.

Within a few weeks, you will be able to notice the difference when you have changed your plate at any given moment.

The most common are aluminum plates. They’re everywhere on skate rinks. They’re very stable and of high quality, but also extremely heavy.

  • Nylon plates weigh less than aluminum plates.
  • For aggressive or figure skating, you should get Aluminium plates. If you’re regular skating, you can opt for nylon plates.
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This should be enough information to assist you in making your decision.

Plates don’t matter. It doesn’t matter what type of plate you choose. You will soon become familiar with it, which is what really matters.

Lighter vs Heavier Boots

We will review some basic rules for boots, just like we did with the wheels.

Quad skates tend to have lighter boots than those used for rollerblades. You don’t need to worry about it if your routine is simple.

You should choose your boot carefully if you want to do more difficult moves, such as backflips or jumps.

  • The heavier your boots should be, the better you can support your ankles.
  • The heavier the boots you choose, the more agility and control you’ll need.
  • Figure skating and Roller derby boots tend to be heavier and more durable.
  • Outdoor and street skating are both softer.
  • Skating boots with aggressive features must have good ankle support.

You won’t have to worry about boots, no matter how heavy or light they may be.

If you do backflips or jump high, this is when your boots may need to be changed. It is extremely dangerous and needs to be supported by a sturdy ankle.

Lighter vs Heavier Wheels

This might not matter to you as a beginner. You can learn on any wheels that you have. However, professionals must choose their own roller skating style.

These are the general rules that govern the weight of roller skates.

  • The faster the wheels are, the lighter they will be.
  • The larger the wheel, the more speed.
  • The heavier wheels will have greater stability.
  • Outdoor wheels can be heavier than indoors.
  • Street and aggressive skating are more enjoyable with heavier, softer-wheeled wheels.
  • Indoor and figure skating are easier with lighter tires
  • Speed skating is easier with larger wheels
  • This should help to determine the best wheels.

Why do Roller Skates Have a Weight Limit?

Yes, most roller skate brands will mention the weight limit of their skates.

Some skates might not support someone with a weight greater than this limit. Skates can accommodate up to 220 lbs.

Here’s the limit on how heavy some skates can be.

  • Most roller skates have weight limits of 220 lbs.
  • Some may even reach 275 lbs.
  • Some countries have weight restrictions as low as 120 lbs.

Roller skates are limited in weight. The client will find it very helpful to know the weight limit before purchasing new roller skates. The best skates are those that you like.

With all of this said, I personally don’t support the weight limit system.

Many brands limit skaters to 200 lbs. While there are many options for thin people, there is a greater selection for heavier people. This is not just for roller skating. Every piece of media can be made this way.

This is something that the roller skate industry should improve upon, as it is becoming increasingly popular during the pandemic.

Am I Too Fat To Roller Skate?

Let’s bust some myths. You’re not too obese to roller skate. I’ve seen people over 300 lbs roller skate confidently. It’s possible.

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If you’re obese, you want to learn how to roller skate, but your brain keeps asking you many questions.

Am I too fat for this sport?

Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

What would other roller skaters think of me?

Is it possible for the skates to support me?

What if I put too much weight on the plates?

Should I stop?

Why am I so tired?

I know that there are many challenges overweight people have to deal with. People who are overweight have low confidence in any sport. They aren’t even interested in trying out new sports.

However, I can tell you that even obese people can learn to roller skate. The thing that most people forget about is that roller skating can be a full-body workout. This means that your muscles will hurt if you first try to roller skate.

Even thin people can have learning obstacles when learning to roller skate. The difference between skinny and overweight is that skinny people can learn faster because they are more confident.

Now it’s time to show your confidence and get things moving. Although you may have to push yourself harder, find the right pair of roller skates or fall harder, it’s possible to still roller skate.

Take confidence in yourself, and you’ll have fun with roller-skating friends.

Your Skates Or Quad Plate Won’t Break If You’re Overweight.

You must have heard the myth that obese people should choose aluminum over nylon plates. The nylon plate would easily break. But that is not true.

Some companies have weight limits on their skates. They don’t usually exceed 250 lbs.

However, roller skaters I have seen don’t seem to care about the limit. Even if they’re 300lbs, they don’t mind the 220 lbs weight limit. Guess what? The skates won’t fall apart. Even nylon ones.

Quad plates may break. This could be because they are low-quality or you were doing a backflip. You could not break the quad plate, but they will eventually break. However, the plate can still break even if a thin person tries to do the backflip.

How Fast can you Lose Weight Roller Skating?

To lose 1 lb, one must eat approximately 3400 calories. You also need to lose weight. A person who is 160 lbs will burn approximately 545 calories while roller skating for an hour. A person who is 200 lbs will burn approximately 680 calories.

Some Guides for Buying Roller Skates

  • Choose heavier skates for stability.
  • Choose lighter skates and larger wheels if you want speed.
  • Outdoor wheels are recommended for skaters who want to get out on the streets and skate aggressively. The weight of your skate does not matter.
  • For indoor skating only and jamming, you will need a pair of indoor wheels are light, comfortable shoes.
  • If you weigh between 200 and 300 lbs, or higher, choose the 220-pound weight limit. They may be even higher if they have. Have fun, don’t be shy


Does his article helped you in your purchase? If yes, congratulations!

Have fun, good luck, and have lots of fun skating!


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