There is no doubt that Riedell skates are among the best roller skates on the market. 

Throughout more than 70 years, Riedell skates has produced top-quality skates in the industry using a strong team of skilled craftspeople. 

What surprises me is that they make world-class skates by combining skill, artistry, and technology in a labor-intensive process with more than 125 steps. very outrageous!

The history of Riedell roller skates

Paul Riedell

In 1945, Paul Riedell, a former employee of Red Wing Shoes, and his wife Sophie Riedell realized that there was an opportunity to turn their love of roller skating into a business venture. 

After realizing there was an opportunity to turn their love of roller skating into a business, they started Riedell Shoes, Inc. in Red Wing, Minnesota, with one objective in mind, which is “To produce and offer only the most excellent quality skates available in the market.”

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Throughout their careers, Paul and Sophie have produced only high-quality handcrafted skates and achieved a reputation for supplying world-class skates that fit and comfort well.

In the late 1960s, Riedell stepped up to the challenge and began producing durable rental boots to complement the already available resale skates at roller rinks.

What Riedell Has Done in Early Days?

As roller rinks and skaters’ needs change, Riedell produces new and exciting skating equipment and services.

Their skates are handcrafted using the best materials and designs for maximum comfort and performance. 

Additionally, they also offer complete skating equipment packages that include Radar WheelsTM, PowerDyneTM plates, and KwiKTM bearings.

Today’s Riedell

As of today, Riedell still remains a family business owned and operated by Paul’s grandson Scott, Bob, Paul, & Dan Riegelman, dedicated to producing and offering nothing but the best roller skates globally. 

As a family-owned company, Luckily, Riedell still strives to maintain its commitment to handcrafting skates using only the best leathers and materials.

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Currently, Riedell manufactures all types of skates which include ice skates, artistic skates, roller derby skates, jam skates, outdoor roller skates, rhythm skates, and speed skates. 

Additionally, They also sell all types of skate gear, such as roller skate wheels, roller skate bearings, and roller skate plates.

Apart from that, They also work and carry other brands such as Riedell Ice, Eclipse Blades, Riedell Roller, Radar Wheels, PowerDyne, Kwik bearings, Moxi Skates, and Antik Skates.

Some of Riedell’s most popular skate products

  • The Riedell Dash Skate Sets
  • Riedell Dart Ombre Skate Sets
  • Riedell Citizen Skate Sets

The company Riedell is mainly known for its quad roller skates, they do sell ice skates too, but it’s sold under its other brand, Riedell Ice. 

If you are looking for inline skates or rollerblades, then this is not the brand for you if you have those in mind.


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