The 1970s were the most popular decade for roller skating. Roller skating was initially marketed as a leisure activity or sport. Roller skating evolved into something more than that. It was a historical and notable phenomenon.

Roller skating was a huge craze in the 1970s!

People wore roller skates to parties in the 1970s instead of wearing sneakers like Adidas. Roller skates were a popular item and not just a sporty piece.

Roller skates were first popularized more than 40years ago. However, the footwear was made in the 1700s. Coincidentally disco was also popular in the 70s, and the two became what we know today as “Roller Disco.”

Back to History Of 70s Roller Skates Disco

Roller discos were a popular trend that emerged in the 1970s, during the height of the disco craze.

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A roller disco, or discotheque, is where roller skaters are allowed to perform their dance moves. The ’70s roller discos featured modern music that was easy to follow.

Roller skates were well-known in the ’70s. They were invented in the 18th century. Their peak years were in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Disco music was also popular at the time. It was probably a coincidence, but they did go together. People were ready to try a new craze.

Popular Hangout Spots Were Roller Rinks.

Numerous people, both children and adults enjoyed their leisure time at the local roller rink. It was enjoyable if you could stay upright. It was a dream come real when roller disco came on the scene!

James Brown Took Inspiration From Roller Skaters For His Fancy Footwork.

JB Skating is a unique style of skating. This included an imitation of the fancy footwork moves of James Brown, the “Godfather of Soul.” James Brown, the famous James Brown, had his sub-craze!

Roller Disco Was Very Popular In Major Cities

Every major American city had its unique style during the height of the 70’s Roller Skating Revolution. New York and Chicago were well-known for their roller skating. The activity was known for its swagger. Roller skating must look effortless to be successful. It is difficult enough to keep your feet from sliding, but it is even more challenging when you add dancing.

Cher Was Hip To The Roller Skating Craze!

1979 was Cher song “Hell on Wheels” released. A music video also accompanied the song. Cher song was accompanied by a video featuring Cher and a group of bikers and truck drivers riding on skates in a form-fitting jumpsuit. This is just one of her provocative outfits. Her music video was MTV’s first modern music video.

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Hell on Wheels – Cher

List of Roller Skates Discos During the 1970s

Saturday Night – Bay City Rollers – 1976

Love Rollercoaster – Ohio Players – 1975

September – Earth, Wind & Fire – 1978

Boogie Shoes KC and the Sunshine Band – 1975

Movies that Featured Roller Disco

Other movies featuring roller discos were:

  • Xanadu
  • Roller Boogie

Disco music was funky with great beats. Discotheques appeared everywhere before too long.

Roller discos became very popular due to the possibility of being able to dance on roller skates. The cultural impact of these roller disco clubs was immense. It was like funk squared.

Club goers have always wanted to be where the action is. Roller discos were the place to be in this funky, groovy era. This gave clubbers the chance to dress up in funky disco fashion. It allowed people to display their style and show off their skating skills.

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In the 1970s, Roller Disco gave roller disco a new life. This cultural phenomenon was all set to become a huge success! It included all the most popular elements of the vibrant nightlife, including fashion, disco, and roller skating.

Roller Disco is Also Popular on Primetime Television Too

Many popular television shows featured roller skating and disco. Popular shows such as “Chips” also featured roller discos.

Roller vinyls were often promoters of both Disco Music and Roller Skating Rinks. The ’70s disco era vinyl records featured cover art featuring a fun group of people wearing wild disco costumes and roller skates.

The 1970s were a wild, fun, and groovy time. It seems funny when you look back. Fads change over time. Roller disco is one of the most memorable fads, Which I am certain.


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