Roller skating is a great exercise that can be done anywhere, at any time.

Moreover, It is a basic skill that everyone should learn, so you can have some fun while getting healthy at the same time.

What’s more?

Well, roller skating is easy to learn and can be done by anyone who is reasonably coordinated. If you are new to roller skating, there are some basics you need to know before starting.

Here’s the 5 roller skating basic skills you should learn

1. Balance

The ability to balance on roller skates is one of the most crucial roller skating skills, and it takes some practice. 

For roller skates beginners, you can practice at home by standing on one foot and shifting your weight on that foot until your nose, navel and toe are all in line and standing that way for some time. 

As soon as you are able to do it on one foot, switch to the other one and continue practicing that one. 

Note: The definition of balance in roller skating means standing still easily on skates

2. Roll Forward

Once you have the balance and can stand on one skate or another, use one foot to push yourself forward, placing most of your weight on one foot and using the other foot to push out. Your ‘free’ leg will create a curve that resembles the letter D. 

As you push out to the side, your other leg and body will move as well. 

As you shift your weight to the opposite foot, bring your free leg back.

3. Stop Using T-Stop technique

When you start rolling, stopping is an important skill! With the T-stop, you drag your skates sideways on all four wheels by applying pressure to the floor, slowing you down.

It is okay in the beginning to drag behind with your toe stop, but mastering the T-stop is your most important goal. Simply put, Stopping is easier if you use a T-Stop to slow down naturally. 

4. Backwards

stand at a stop and point your toes in and heels of your skates slightly out. When you lift one foot, shift to the other, like if you were marching in place. With your heels out, you will see your skates rolling as you march. 

As you get the hang of it, switching from one foot to the other, you’ll be able to push a little to get some speed.

5. Fun

As with any new sport, roller skating requires time and dedication, but there are very few sports that offer the unique ability to have fun while at the same time.

Final Word

Roller skating is a fun and relatively easy activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time.

In order to roller skate safely and efficiently, however, it is important to master the basic skills.

With a little practice, anyone can learn to roller skate like a pro.


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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