You probably imagine yourself zipping around on the rink, gliding quickly around curves, and having endless fun.

However, you probably don’t think about blisters as much.

But, blisters can occur while skating and can ruin your day.

Fortunately, preventing painful blisters during your skating session is totally avoidable.

Just follow these simple tips to make your day a family-friendly adventure. Do not let blisters on your feet keep you from enjoying the day.

These Are 4 Ways to Avoid Blisters While Roller Skating

1. Lace your skates differently

Another cause of lace bite is improper or tight lacing of the skate boots.

This puts too much pressure on the top of your foot and can cause pain.

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This is a simple fix.

All you have to do is relace your skates.

Many lacing methods can prevent lace bit.

Here are some of the examples.

See which one works for you.

2. Break in Your Skates

The material will become more comfortable and soften if you use your skates regularly.

Skate for only a few minutes at first without hurting your feet.

Next, increase your skating time in the following sessions.

3. Double-check the size

Many blisters are caused by people wearing the wrong size skates.

Because your feet and skates act together, it is essential to wear the correct size.

4. Protect your feet

Roller skating with no socks or very thin socks is not recommended.

To protect your ankles and fill out your skates, use thick socks.

If you want extra protection, use blister pads. These cushions protect blister-prone regions.

How to Treat Blisters

Fortunately, with the proper treatment, blisters can be easily treated.

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You must not burst the bubble. Both the bubble and the liquid within are helping to heal.

These tips will help you heal your blisters.

  • Avoid wearing tight shoes or skates for several days.
  • Keep the area around the blister clean.
  • To prevent the blisters from burping, you can use a loose bandage.


Once you’ve addressed the causes of blisters, it is time to get on your skates and have a blast!


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