What’s not to love about a day of roller-skating with family and friends? Roller skating is a great way to have a good time. We’re not going to lie. Sometimes it can get boring to go around in circles. We’re excited to share some of our favourite indoor and outdoor activities for roller skates that your children will enjoy. These are some of our favourites!

Glide Off

This game is great to play with friends. It’s like a mini-tournament.

The two players must start at the same spot but six feet apart.

You can take only one stride (usually two or three, depending on the amount of space you have) and then glide as far as you can using only your momentum.

This can be continued until the entire group is eliminated.

Then, you will move on to the next round. You can spice it up by adding a new challenge each round, like sliding on one foot or backwards.

Hokey Pokey

You should play the hokey pokey if you want to understand what it is all about.

This song is played by most rinks, and everyone gathers in the middle of the floor. It’s almost like a big dance party (woo).

The hokey pokey is easy to play. Just listen to the lyrics, and you’ll soon be jamming out.

Here are some lyrics to get you started: Put your left foot into, Your left shoe out, Your right foot in, and shake it all around.

These are just a few of the lyrics you will be dancing to. You’ll continue to move your arms, legs and feet until the song ends.

Follow the Leader

This classic game is even more enjoyable when played on roller skates. Designate one person to be the leader.

The leader will perform a skate move, such as jumping, dancing or spinning. All other players must follow their example.

You’re out if you don’t know how to reproduce the leader’s moves. If everyone can replicate the leader’s moves perfectly, then the leader loses their title and becomes a player. The cycle must begin again with a new leader.


Roller skating is a lot of fun. However, it’s important to keep your balance and not lean backwards.

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Like the hokey pokey song, many rinks will be playing this song ,simultaneously, and it will almost always be in the centre of the roller rink.

It is very easy to play limbo like the hokey pokey. It’s fun for all ages.

The limbo game involves stepping under a plastic pole supported by two holders. The game’s object is not to touch the pole with your entire body.

It’s a fun game for all ages, just like the hokey pokey.

A (Kinda Sorta) Conga Line

Good line dance at a party is a great way to get everyone moving.

You can free-form around the rink or dance a line like the Cupid Shuffle or Macarena.

Have fun with your kids and learn new moves together!

Remember to keep at least 6 feet distance between each skater.

Single Race

This is a favourite of mine and my sister.

This can be done at all rinks. They will usually order the races from youngest to oldest, so that younger skaters have an easier time.

Single races can be fun and easy to race, but there are some dangers when racing with others.

The race begins when everyone lines up in front of the floor guard. The race ends when the floor guard blows the whistle again.

While some rinks give away prizes for winning, others like ours don’t.

Ice Potato

This game is based on the old party activity of hot potato. However, it can be played on a rink too.

Allow your players to skate freely around the rink.

Toss the foam ball to an unidentified skater while they’re skating.

The player who is closest to him must pass the ball to the next player. The ball will be passed from one skater to another until the music stops.

When the music stops, the ball is in the hands of the player who holds it. He is out.

The game continues until there is only one remaining player. The winner is the skater.

PushCart Race

This race is a family favourite. This race is often played after single races and sometimes after the monkey racing. This race requires two people, so partners are required.

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It is very easy to master the pushcart race. Everyone lines up at the floor guard and squats to make it easier for the partner to push.

Once the floor guard blows their whistle, everyone can go, and when they do so, the race is over.

Monkey Race

The monkey race is a favourite with little kids. So get ready to embrace your monkey side (ooh, ooh, ah ah!).

Like the other races, this race is extremely popular, and almost all rinks I have been to have it.

It is very easy to play the monkey race. You can do the same as the pushcart race by simply squatting down.

The only difference is that your hands will be used to propel yourself forwards.

Both feet must be on the ground. This will allow you to propel yourself forward.

Shoot the Duck Race

This popular move can also be raced at some rinks. This race is for more skilled skaters, but beginners can still enjoy it.

It is easy to shoot the duck race. The shoot the duck race is very simple. You should squat down and then place one leg in front of the other with your bottom wheels touching the ground. Make sure that your back leg is in an upright position.

Some shoot the duck races depend on how many laps your duck can complete, while others depend on how long you can keep the position.

Backward Skating Race

Backward skating is another race that more experienced skaters love.

Like all races, this race is quite dangerous. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who hasn’t mastered the art of going backwards.

This race is the same as all previous races. Start with your floor guard. However, you will only be able to skate backwards.

Always look behind you. If you don’t have toe stops, put some in.

If that is the case, you should put them in. Retracting backwards is crucial for your safety and the safety of others.

Wolves and Sheep

Many speed skaters love the game of sheep and wolves. You can still enjoy this speed-seeking game with your friends, even if your rink does not offer it.

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However, I wouldn’t recommend this sport to novice skaters.

It is very simple. There are typically four to five wolves, and the rest are sheep.

The wolves will often have a football or another item to tag the sheep. The process continues until there are no more sheep or the wolves have run out of time.


Freeze-tag can be enjoyed by the entire family. This game can be played at all rinks, not like sheep or wolves.

This game is great for the whole family. It also helps beginners learn how to speed up and slow down.

It is very easy to play freeze. The process is the same for sheep and wolves, except you have people to tag and people who get tagged.

There are two ways to freeze. You can freeze if you’re not a tagger and get tagged.

The second sound is an audio or other noise that alerts taggers and others about when skaters can and cannot be frozen.

Four Corners

Four corners are my favourite roller-skating game that you can play at your rink. Four corners are great for all ages, even if you don’t know how to skate. This could be the right game for you.

If you are having trouble building your balance, this game may help.

It is very simple to play four corners. The game begins with some music. Once the music has stopped, everyone then skates to the four corners that the floor guard has chosen.

The only problem is they must keep their eyes closed.

The person who has been chosen by the floor guard calls out a corner, and the person is out. The game continues until there’s only one player left.


These games should give you some ideas for what you can do next time you go to the roller rink with your kids and friends.


My name is Patricia Toh. I was born in the southen of China but I live in Hawaii. I work as a translator. I love skating. But in the future, I’d like to try yoga too."

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