Quad skates were key to U.S. troops during World War II as a sport and dance choreography. They’re also popular across all genders for any age.

Since then, many different types of roller skating and rollerblading movies have been released, and the media & public have gone crazy over them.

Roller skating movies have a huge impact on today’s culture. We will give you the ultimate guide to the best ones ever made!

Below is the list of my top 10 roller skating films that are fun, sporty, and catchy.

Roller Bounce

Roller Bounce Trailer

Xavier (Bow Wow), A teenage boy in Chicago, has a hard time dealing with the loss of his mom, and he turns to roller skating to deal with his angst.

It is his way to escape, which is how he & his friends were noticed by other people at the rink.

These new skaters were getting all the attention, but this was about to change.

When a roller rink shuts down, they need to move their skating to an upscale new location. The Sweetwater Roller Rink.

That’s the only place they can think of.

They enroll in a skating contest and have to convince the reigning champions named Sweetness.

Roller Boogie

Roller Boogie Trailer

Roller Boogie was released in 1979.

The movie features Linda Blair as Terry Barkley and the famous Competitive Artistic Roller Skater Jim Bray as Bobby James.

Jim Bray was supposed to just play bobby’s stunt double, but after not finding the right actor, they decided to cast him. With Jim’s several skating awards and amazing stunt moves, the producers decided to hire him as Bobby.

The movie plot is about Terry.

Terry wasn’t particularly into playing the flute.

Still, her parents didn’t know how to listen to their daughter’s desires when they always pushed her to do the things they wanted.

While on a trip with friends to Venice Beach, Terry meets Booby James for the first time. He is an equally talented skater who believes that he can make it into the next Olympics.

Terry doesn’t get along with Bobby at first. Still, after saving her from a roller skate incident, Terry warms up to him. She then asks for some lessons, and the two have a really fun time together.

Here, The plot becomes tickets. Terry and Bobby are gearing up to save the rink from a corrupt developer who tries to buy it.

If you want to watch a movie on a night in and just have fun and enjoy some amazing roller skating tricks, skills, and stunts, I’d recommend checking out Roller Boogie. It’s an award-winning movie that you can watch with friends or family.

United Skates

United Skates Trailer

UNITED SKATES highlights the many perspectives of roller skating, and it showcases African-American rinks and skaters across the world. They are fighting to keep their culture alive and skate their hearts out.

The last standing roller rinks of America are begging for support. In a racially charged environment, join forces with the underground African-American subculture to save it before it disappears.

Many African-American communities across the U.S. have been enjoying roller rinks for many years!

It serves as a meeting ground and is also where they can release their creativity and be introduced to future stars like Queen Latifah and NWA.


Rollerball Trailer

This movie is one of my all-time favorites, although it was released in 1975 (no doubt due to its dystopian future plot).

The movie is about a future where all of humankind’s problems have been solved. Personal freedom might be a trade-off, but it’d seem worth it.

In a world where large corporations replace the government, the world has become state-controlled by powerful moguls. One of their violent sport is Rollerball, which is gaining more attention as their entertainment.

Corporations use rollerballs to show that there’s no point to personal freedoms, individual actions & individualism.

Rollerball is a made-up sport in which motorcycles are used. It is a mixture of roller derby, football, and other sports. It seems pretty deadly.

However, Jonathan E. (James Caan), the star and team captain of the Houston rollerball team, is asked to announce his retirement by Mr. Bartholomew (John Houseman), the chairman of the Energy Corporation, without explaining the reason behind it.

Jonathan refused to fall in line with the game’s rules, so things got extra violent. He then rebelled and fought against the corporations to gain freedom on his own terms.

The movie had a great plot and sport, so many games went on to have these features as well. Some of the earliest games that used this idea were Rocket Ball (1985) and Killer Ball (1989).

Despite the movie’s original idea, some aspects of its screenplay have a much deeper plot that explores the universe and its beings. They also explain what led to Earth becoming a corporate state.

If you’re looking for a movie filled with sci-fi action and unique perspectives on roller skates, check out Rollerball.


Xanadu Trailer

Xanadu is a 1980 roller-skating film with Micheal Beck, Gene Kelly, and Olivia Newton-John at the center of its star power. It has a lot of talented actors/dancers in it & is packed with entertaining clothes and fun music.

The film gives a good view of the late 70s musicals and the disco swag’s golden era. It is about a painter(Micheal Beck) interested in a woman he saw on one of his photo assignments.

He begins his quest to find her in the auditorium, where the photo was taken. He then finds out that Kira (Olivia Newton-John) is a greek muse who helps people follow their dreams.

She leads him to team up with an old friend (Gene Kelly) to pursue their fantasy of having a roller-skating disco rink.

Although the plot of this movie is pretty mediocre, it still has some astounding music, excellent cinematography, and well-prepared choreography. Plus, this film is a cult classic.

If you love “Dancing Queen,” you will likely enjoy the movie.


Brink! Trailer

Andy “Brink” Brinker and his friends call themselves “Soul Skaters,” and what they skate is for fun. They don’t do it for the money.

They have a clash with a group of sponsored skaters name Team X-Bladz.

Team X-Bladz was a group of sponsored skaters from southern California who attended high school together. Val, their captain.

After Brink gets suspended for racing on school grounds, he goes against his parents and friends and joins Team X-Bladz for 200 dollars a week.

He keeps this from his friends until they see him skating for Team X-Bladz in a local competition. Brink’s friends feel he is betrayed and agree to a downhill race — Soul-Skaters vs Team X-Bladz (specifically Gabriella vs Brink).

He starts skating for Team X-Bladz. His friends don’t find out until they see him in a local competition. His friends feel betrayed and agree to a downhill race for Soul-Skaters vs Team X-Bladz (specifically Gabriella vs Brink).

Although Brink’s original crew chose to ignore him upon discovering his alignment with Team X-Bladz, Val was willing to be his friend again and then agreed to remain on his team.

Val purposely sabotages Gabriella’s part of the course during the race by sprinkling pebbles onto the road. He falls and sustains minor injuries.

Now that Brink has turned his back on the band, all of the members of Soul-Skaters have disowned him and refuse to talk to him.

In the end, it comes down to Brink and Val in the championship race.

Skatetown, U.S.A.

Skatetown, U.S.A Trailer

This movie came out in late 1979, just when the roller skating craze took off in the U.S. It’s pretty much about roller disco that is sweeping across America.

SkateTown U.S.A plot is about the rivalry between a street gang leader Stan Nelson, played by Greg Bradford, and local young roller skater Ace Johnson. The story centers around whether or not Ace Johnson will win a prize of $1,000 and a moped.

The whole movie is set to diegetic music that plays nonstop throughout. It also includes many famous skater moves & tricks that you may recognize.

The movie was released on Blu-ray for the first time. It was previously only available in DVD form, and it’s an exciting advancement for home media access.

Boogie Nights

Boogie Nights Trailer

Hollywood studio executives and the public have never been too keen on the idea of Boogie Nights. They’re a movie that reignited true passion among adults. Unfortunately, it is considered one of the most underrated movies in history.

Music plays an important role in the movie. Being set in the 70s, the soundtrack has songs from artists that truly make you feel like you’re a part of that time.

The movie is about Eddie Adams. He’s a teenage dishwasher boy from San Fernando Valley who gets discovered by director Jack Horner.

Eddie Adams then becomes an adult movie superstar under the name of Dirk Diggler.

The film tells the story of his rise & fall due to egotism and drugs. There are scenes showing him roller-skating

Boogie Nights is a movie set in the late 70s and early 80s. This historical period offers great possibilities for a mix of tragedy and comedy.

Watching this masterpiece of Hollywood’s quality productions is a great idea to have when the kids are off in bed.


Solarbabies trailer

The movie was produced in 1986. Solarbabies is directed by the 3-time Emmy awards winner Alan Johnson.

The movie is about a dry post-apocalyptic world controlled by The Eco Protectorate, a semi-militarized government organization.

After discovering a powerful sphere called Bohdai, a war begins between good and evil over who gets to use it.

A group of rebellious teenage orphans who discovered the orb, including Terra, Jason & Daniel, try to escape the orphanage and live a free life on their roller skates.

Multiple turns in the events then lead to a roller derby fight between the teenage orphans and Darkstar (Adrian Pasdar), who schemed to swipe the orb.

Whip It!

Whip It! Trailer

“Whip it” is one of the most recently produced roller skating movies by Drew Barrymore at the beginning of the 2000s.

“Whip it” is based on Shauna’s Cross novel “Derby Girl.”

The story is about a teenage girl named Bliss (played by Ellen Page), who is pushed into the world of pageants despite her lack of interest.

Bliss then discovers her immense interest in the tough world of roller derby. She tries out for Hurl Scouts teams and joins them. She then hides the secret from her parents.

But there is a time conflict between a Bluebonnet Beauty pageant and the state roller derby championship game that puts Bliss into a hard choice of what to do next.

Whip It is an amazing family movie that’s a lot of fun to watch with your family during the holidays. There is drama, comedy, and adventure for you to enjoy.

Roller Skating Movies Conclusion

Whether you prefer an action-packed sci-fi movie like “Solarbabies” or “Rollerball,” a movie with a powerful plot like “Boogie Nights,” or you just want to watch musicals, roller skate movies can satisfy your tastes.

Here you have a list of the top roller skate movies from different genres.


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