How often should I replace grip tape?


How do you clean the surface of a longboard?

Step 1: Use a Natural Rubber Eraser Either will do well to clean grime off the surface of your board.

Treat the process like erasing words on paper.

Target dirty spots on your board’s grip tape but aim to cover the entirety of your board for an overall cleaner feel.

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What are the different types of longboards?

  • View Cruising/Carving Longboards.
  • View Commuting Longboards.
  • View Freestyle Longboards.
  • View Downhill Longboards.
  • View Freeride Longboards.

How often should I clean my longboard bearings?

You can swap your wheels around about every 2 or 3 months, depending on how often you ride your skateboard.

Rotating or swapping your wheels will increase prolong lifespan and your wheels will wear out more evenly.

What is this? Place your left rear on your right front.

What’s the easiest type of board to ride?

How do you loosen the axles on a longboard?

Are 85mm longboard wheels good?


Bigger wheels are faster than smaller ones as they cover more distance with an equal amount of spinning, and suffer less from bearings friction.

Smaller wheels, on the other hand, have better acceleration as they pick up momentum quicker.

Can longboard wheels get wet?

Longboard length or more specifically, wheelbase length, plays a key role in turning and board stability.

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Longer boards (or those with longer wheelbases) will generally provide more stability at speed, but cannot turn as fast or as tight as boards with shorter wheelbases.

Are longboards easy to balance?

  1. Loosen you axle nuts.
  2. Clean up and lube your bearings.
  3. Upgrade your bearings.
  4. Change your wheels.
  5. Improve your riding.

Is longboarding harder than skateboarding?

You absolutely CAN learn to skate using a shortboard or standard skateboard – some people prefer that!

But from an ease-of-use and safety standpoint, longboarding can’t be beaten.

Longboarding is so much easier to learn because all of the skills used to skateboard (pumping, turning, balance, strength, etc.)

How do you know if a longboard is good?

Longboards are typically faster than skateboards due to their larger wheelbase (distance between trucks) and bigger wheels.

Are Bigger wheels better for longboarding?

To adjust skateboard trucks, get a skate tool, or a spanner, and adjust the kingpin.

The kingpin is the largest nut on the truck.

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Turn clockwise to tighten, and anti-clockwise to loosen.

Adjust about a quarter turn at at time.

Is longboarding safer than skateboarding?

Longboarding burns some 4 to 7 calories per minute, making it quite a solid aerobic activity.

But aside from being a great cardio and strength exercise, longboarding also helps you increase your entire body’s flexibility.

Do all longboard trucks fit all decks?

Which trucks do I need? If you’re setting out to buy new trucks, you’ll find that each brand labels trucks differently.

That means if you ride an 8.25-inch board then you’d need Independent 144s, Thunder 148s or Venture 5.6s (each have an axle length of 8.25-inches).

Where do people skate in Singapore?

  • Somerset Skate Park.

    Located right across from 313 Somerset, Somerset Skate Park is a haven for both beginner and advanced skateboarders.

  • Xtreme SkatePark.
  • Stadium Skatepark.
  • Tampines Skate Park.

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