You can carve on any longboard or skateboard, but using a longboard is an ideal setup for carving because of the range of motion of the trucks and the grip of the typically larger wheels.

Make sure your board is in working condition by checking that; the wheels are secured properly.

How do you push better on a longboard?

It’s usually better to push with your back foot.

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If you are just learning to skate, this is a good time to re-learn to push with your back foot.

Pushing “mongo” can get in your way, meaning you might have to shuffle your feet around before doing technical tricks.


Why is it easier to catch waves on a longboard?

Longboarding is generally a slower pace, more relaxed style of surfing.

Instead of dynamic turns and fast speed, longboard surfing involves cross stepping (walking on the board) and nose riding.

The extra length and foam allows for more balance when standing on the surf board.

What are the most efficient bearings?

No, full ceramic bearings can be run completely dry.

They do not need lubrication to run.

Ceramic is non-porous, unlike steel, as a result it is virtually frictionless.

Ceramic also dissipates heat very quickly, which is the same reason they use it on the underside of the space shuttle.

How wide is a longboard surfboard?

A surfboard in the 8-to-9-foot range is typically 22-24 inches in width, which is the perfect general size for beginners, and the kind of board you’ll find on this list (for the most part).

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Are loose trucks good for beginners?

CJ: For starters, speed wobs can be caused by a number of different reasons.

A common one being loose trucks.

Loose trucks can give you too much turning ability, making your set up hyper-responsive for any speed over 10-20mph.

If you’re going faster than that, then you just might want to tighten your trucks.

What are angled risers for?

Can you powerslide with loose trucks?

Can I use a skateboard helmet for biking?

Longboarding is not an inherently dangerous sport.

However…it is basically as safe as you make it !

Some longboarding disciplines involve higher speeds, and hence more risk, than others.

What is the best saw to make a rip cut?

Ripping solid wood: Use a 24-tooth to 30-tooth blade.

You can use 40-tooth to 50-tooth multipurpose blade as well, but it will take longer.

Cross-cutting wood or sawing plywood: Use a 40-tooth to 80-tooth blade.

How do you pop shuvit on a skateboard?

How can I make my longboard more stable?

Soft top surfboards are easier to learn on than fiberglass boards.

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Since they are often thicker, they float a lot more than fiberglass boards which makes the board more stable.

More flotation and stability means you’ll have an easier time standing up and surfing on one of these!

Can I use olive oil to lube my bearings?

What is the fastest longboard?

How do you make longboard bearings spin faster?

  1. Loosen the kingpin nut.

    The kingpin is the large bolt that connects the hanger to the baseplate.

  2. Buy softer bushings.

    If your board still isn’t carving like you want, then buying softer bushings can make a massive difference.

  3. Buy different trucks.

How much should I spend on my first longboard?

A drop-down longboard provides great stability at high speeds and is great for downhill riding and cruising.

This deck is a bit more for technical riding and is not recommended for beginners who just want to carve and cruise around normal streets.


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