Citizen Messenger Bag – The bag that started it all.

The Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag is one of our oldest and most raddest bags since we started Chrome over 25 years ago.

It’s also an excellent choice to carry your skateboard – jut slide it between the front flap and secure the straps.

Can I paint my longboard?

  1. Step 1: Preparing the Surface.

    The first thing to do is remove all hardware, being mindful of which direction things face and how they were placed.

  2. Step 2: Put Down Your Design.
  3. Step 3: Apply Paint.
  4. Step 4: Hang to Seal and Apply Urethane.
  5. Step 5: Reassemble.
  6. Step 6: Take It for a Spin.


What household items can I use to clean skateboard bearings?

Keep your bearings dirt-free, moisture free, and lubricated.

Water will rust your bearings and dirt will destroy the smoothness of the super finish on your bearing races, increasing friction.

Is longboarding good exercise?

Beginner surfers should get a longboard surfboard that is 9’4” long and around 23 inches wide.

Experienced surfers transitioning from a shortboard should ride longboards that are at least 9’6” long and 22 inches wide.

Why do people like to longboard?

99% of beginners should start with a cruiser longboard.

If you’re looking for a beginner cruiser board, I’d recommend it being at least 30” long and 8.5” wide.

A long, wide deck will be easier to balance on.

The wheels should be large/soft (60mm-80mm / 77a-83a) so they can easily roll over cracks/bumps.

Should a skateboard flex?

Round Lip Longboard Wheels Round lipped wheels are what you see on normal skateboards.

The ”edge” of the wheel is rounded, which provides less traction through turns.

This means that they are easier to slide on than the square type, making them the clear choice for freeriders and freestylers.

Is longboarding an extreme sport?

What type of wheels are best for longboards?

  • Sector 9 Nine Ball.
  • Orangatang In Heat.
  • Big Boy 70 mm Gel Solid Skateboard Wheels.
  • Blood Orange Liam Morgan Pro.
  • Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels for Cruising.
  • Shark Wheel Sidewinder.
  • Cal 7 97mm.
  • Bigfoot Cored Classics.

Does longboarding build muscle?

As you’re skating, pivot your front foot so that it’s parallel to your board, as if you’re about to push off.

Place your back foot on the ground, just in front of the rear bolts of your board, without pushing off.

You should be able to stop with the sole of your shoe.

How do you fix a squeaky longboard bushing?

A boards which you have been using for a while (or sometimes brand new longboards) can start to produce a squeaking sound.

When you hear your board squeaking, it is usually the rubbers in the truck that are too dry.

The hanger of your trucks turns in the pivot cup and that makes the noise.

How does wd40 remove double sided tape?

How do you stop a longboard downhill?

Longboards are easier to learn the basics, but skateboards are easier to learn tricks.

With the larger wheels and board, longboards have more stability.

This requires less balance for the rider, making them ideal for beginners.

What is the point of carving on a longboard?

Get low, relax your legs and focus on keeping your upper body over your board and positioned slightly forward.

Attack the hill and if your board starts to wobble, stay relaxed and confident.

Practice Slowing Down & Stopping!

What’s the easiest board to skate on?

If your goal is to learn and master new tricks but you’ve never stepped foot on a skateboard, try a longboard first.

Since they’re larger and more stable, they’re easier to balance on.

Once you get more confident on a longboard, transition to a skateboard, and teach yourself how to balance better on a smaller board.

How do I know what size longboard truck to get?

The deck should be the right size Most longboards come in sizes between 36-40 inches.

Longboards for dancing are usually much longer and tend to fall between 40-48 inches in length.

They tend to be this long so you can have enough room to do cross-steps and all sorts of moves on the deck.

What length longboard should I get?

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