There’s a lot to say when it comes to the Pantheon Pranayama, but let us keep it simple.

It works great as a commuter board – it is easy to push, easy to footbrake on, and goes in a straight line very well.

It is stable and offers a forgiving and easy ride.

Which foot goes first on a longboard?

As a longboarder, you want to be able to push from both legs.

You will have one natural side: regular or goofy.

Do not always push from the right leg or the left leg.

Practice pushing with both legs.


Can you duck dive a 40l board?

  1. Cube volume = side.
  2. Cuboid (rectangular box) volume = length x width x height.
  3. Sphere volume = (4/3) x ¦Ð x radius.
  4. Cylinder volume = ¦Ð x radius
  5. 2
  6. x height.
  7. Cone volume = (1/3) x ¦Ð x radius
  8. 2
  9. x height.
  10. Pyramid volume = (1/3) x base area x height.
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What are double kingpin trucks for?

The big difference: Pintail decks are mounted on TOP of the trucks.

They are great for cruising and carving and for most ride styles that keep you under 25 mph, while Drop Throughs have the trucks mounted through the deck.

They are great for faster speed riding, downhill, and some long distance riding.

What is the fastest speed on a longboard?

Longboards are typically faster than skateboards due to their larger wheelbase (distance between trucks) and bigger wheels.

Just how fast can you go on a longboard ? Longboarding speed typically ranges from 6 mph when cruising, to 50-65 mph when downhill riding.

Is it OK to put WD40 on skateboard bearings?

Can you longboard uphill?

What wood does Landyachtz use?

We want to clarify that this is not a quality control (QC) issue, it is just the nature of using natural 100% Canadian maple wood to make skateboard decks as the wood can uniquely affect the graphic process.

Can you fly with a longboard surfboard?


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Skateboard (manual or non-electric) may be substituted for a carryon or a checked bag.

If the skateboard fits under the seat, it does not need to be in a bag or covered, but it does have to be stowed with the wheels up so that it doesn’t roll.

How do you stand on a longboard?

On smooth flat ground, give your longboard a slight kick push as in the previous step.

As you’re rolling, press with your toes onto the front edge of your deck, making your wheels turn (toeside turn).

If you’re regular, that will steer your board to the right, if you’re goofy, to the left.

What size surfboard should I get calculator?

Ride the Cloud 2-4 inches shorter than your height if you’re an average build for an intermediate surfer.

Go 4-6 inches shorter for a leaner surfer.

Match your height or go 2-4 inches shorter and go custom with more volume throughout, if you’re a larger framed surfer.

What size longboard should I get for my height surfing?

If you are progressing from beginner lessons to surfing independently, don’t get too caught up on the board’s shape or fin configuration.

However…the width is important, as a nice wide board will give you a stable platform to pop up on.

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We recommend choosing a board around 20-23¡å inches wide.

How much is a cheap longboard?

You absolutely CAN learn to skate using a shortboard or standard skateboard – some people prefer that!

But from an ease-of-use and safety standpoint, longboarding can’t be beaten.

Longboarding is so much easier to learn because all of the skills used to skateboard (pumping, turning, balance, strength, etc.)

How much is an average longboard?

A longboard is similar to a skateboard, only longer and more sluggish and not really meant for tricks.

Typically, the weight limit of the best longboards for bigger and taller riders is up to 300 pounds.

What motors are used in electric skateboards?

Don’t worry, of course you can!

We can replace the wheels!

All electric skateboards purchased from Teamgee come with a pair of front wheels and a pair of PU sleeves, just in case you need them.

What shape of longboard is best for cruising?

99% of beginners should start with a cruiser longboard.

If you’re looking for a beginner cruiser board, I’d recommend it being at least 30” long and 8.5” wide.

A long, wide deck will be easier to balance on.

The wheels should be large/soft (60mm-80mm / 77a-83a) so they can easily roll over cracks/bumps.


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