Crouch low on your board.

Bend your knees and roll your back foot – the key here is to keep your weight forward, over your front truck, and don’t back away from the slide.

If you approach the slide with confidence, you’ll be fine – it’s only when you get scared and back away from it that things can start to go funky.

Is it harder to do tricks on a longboard?


How do you kick a wave out of a longboard?

Not enough volume, too much rocker, or the wrong surfboard dimensions for your level can make it hard to catch waves, especially when more experienced surfers are around you.

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The right surfboard for your level and for the daily surf conditions can make the difference between catching 20 waves, or no wave at all!

What are the little rings on trucks for?

With the proper sized spacers and speed washers, the entire wheel will be sure to be kept in correct alignment, thus leading to decreased friction and higher performance.

Without spacers in their wheels, many skaters hesitate to tighten their axle nuts down as much as they could and should.

What is the point of a longboard?

Most longboards are designed to provide much better control at greater speed than skateboards, again because of their big wheels, longer wheelbase, and low decks.

How tight should longboard wheels be?

The faster you intend on riding, the tighter your trucks should be.

Tight trucks provide stability at higher speeds, reducing the likelihood of catching the dreaded speed wobbles.

If you’re considering riding downhill, or if a vert ramp session is in your future, consider tightening your trucks for safety’s sake.

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Why is my longboard so slow?


This is a respectably quick speed.

If you’ve hit 30mph, you should pat yourself on the back.

If you’re a DH skater, you can probably hit this speed on most hills with a good longboard tuck.

Should I get a 7 or 8 foot surfboard?

Rule of thumb is to get a longboard 3ft longer than your height.

Do bearings affect skateboard speed?

Bottom line: Bearings allow your wheels to spin and control how fast you will roll.

Good / better longboard bearings allow your wheels to spin faster and your board to roll farther with every push.

How do you slow down on a longboard for beginners?

Drop-through decks typically offer good stability for dancing as they ride low to the ground.

Double drop decks (drop-through mount + drop platform) are even more stable – though not as responsive and resistant to pressure as a topmount deck.

How do you do a 3 SHUV on a skateboard?

  1. Get in position.

    Place your board on the ground.

  2. Find your footing.

    If you normally push off with your left foot, you’ll want to push off with your right when riding fakie.

  3. Push off.

    Start moving by pushing off with your rear foot.

  4. Stabilize.

How does an electric longboard work?

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How often should you change bearings on a longboard?

How can I increase my double kick speed?

  1. Tighten the springs.
  2. Raise the beaters.
  3. Angle the beaters further back.
  4. Play higher up on the pedal.

Is it easy to build a longboard?

Most decks will be around 1/2″ thick, differentiating by design and material.

Carving boards can be made with different materials including maple and bamboo.

What does Kona Longboard taste like?

Each 12 ounce serving has 4.6% alcohol by volume and 134 calories.

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Longboard Island Lager pairs well with lighter fare, but has enough flavor and body to stand up to heartier foods, too.

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