It is important to replace worn out longboard bearings because if they fail it can lead to an unexpected crash.

If you have faulty bearings, like after an incident, this is the perfect guide to use.

AlSo…have spare parts and be sure you are using the same sized bearings.

Some boards can have a different size bearing.

What wheels are best for Powerslides?


Is grip tape sandpaper?

It depends on how often they are used, but grips typically last around 3-6 months before needing to be replaced.

What are the smoothest longboard wheels?

  1. Loosen you axle nuts.
  2. Clean up and lube your bearings.
  3. Upgrade your bearings.
  4. Change your wheels.
  5. Improve your riding.
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How long do thunder trucks last?

Skateboard trucks are the longest lasting component on your skateboard and can last several years depending on how much grinding you do or how much impact you put on them.

Can you bring electric scooters on the plane?

No, You cannot take most Electric Unicucles onto a plane as carry-on baggage.

This is because of the lithium batteries inside and governed by the TSA that follows the FAA guidelines regarding flying.

The Electric Unicycles are regulated as a large battery and therefore prohibited from being carried onto the plane.

Is it okay to put skateboard wheels on backwards?

Put the Wheels in Place With all the bearings set into the wheels, put your wheels on your trucks.

It doesn’t matter if you have the graphic side of your wheels facing out or not-that’s up to you.

Can you carve on any longboard?

The key to carving is sliding your wheels slightly in each turn, which slows you down a little and keeps things under control.

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With practice, you’ll find that you’ll be able to vary your carves to control how much speed you loose with each turn quite considerably.

Does longboard shape matter?

  1. Riding Style.
  2. Deck Shapes, Style & Features.
  3. Length & Wheelbase.
  4. Flex.
  5. Construction.
  6. Trucks.
  7. Wheels.
  8. Bearings.

Why do people ride longboards?

Other good reasons for getting a longboard include getting around town fast and easy, joining a new social group, having a cool hobby for you and the family, and optionally, getting into an athletic, adrenaline, or artistic discipline.

Is longboarding harder than skateboarding?

What does Flex mean on a skateboard?

To Flex or Not to Flex that’s the question You want that stability when you race down the hill and want to be standing on a sturdy board.

On the other hand when you want to cruise around on a mellow ride you will benefit from soft flex so you don’t feel every bump or crack in the pavement or sidewalk.

What skates are best for flat feet?

You want to push with your back leg and leave your front leg on deck.

For your front leg, it is best to have it in a straight position on the deck – as described in the foot positioning section above.

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You focus your weight on the middle of your front foot and you try to keep the weight balanced and centered over it.

Is surfing harder than longboarding?

29, at an undisclosed location in Colorado, professional downhill skateboarder Kyle Wester kicked into a hill and shattered the world record for the fastest speed ever recorded on a skateboard, reaching a blistering 89.41 miles per hour.

How do you pump a pintail longboard?

In short, pintails are generally designed for mellow cruising and carving along the beach or on bike trails, thanks to a longer wheelbase and flexy deck.

A cruiser, on the other hand, is meant primarily for agile street riding and nimble turns thanks to a shorter, stiffer deck and a tail and/or nose kick.

What is safer longboard or skateboard?

Longboards are a popular choice for beginners because they are the easiest to ride from day one.

Drop through boards are even more friendly to beginners because they lower the ride height for extra stability and easier pushing.

When choosing longboard size, it is important to keep your own size in mind.


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