It is time to get to work. Let’s find out if I should use the bus or the car. Or should I go to work by rollerblading? Can I use rollerblade to commute?

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Rollerblading can be a great way to exercise.

When it comes to rollerblading, there are a few things you should be aware of.

This article will show you why rollerblading is an alternative to commuting.

1. What Does The Route Look Like?

The route you choose to rollerblade on your commute is critical. Do you need to climb steep hills? Do you travel by highway?

It is not recommended to travel by highway rollerblades.

People who live near their work could use rollerblading to commute. Make sure you have a pair of shoes on hand to avoid getting stuck on rollerblades all day.

2. Plan Your Route

This blind should never be crossed by anyone. Everybody should know the route they take to get to work.

Rollerblading can be a great option for commute if you aren’t in a busy area or an unsafe place.

Know your route. Test run your route over the weekend. It is crucial to understand how long it will take you to reach your destination.

Not being on time to work is not a fun thing. These tests will help you determine the route and how long it will take.

3. Avoiding Large Hills

Avoid large hills after examining your route. It can be challenging to stop at that range.

Avoid big hills in the event of rain or simply because of the traffic and difficulty stopping abruptly.

You might get hurt. Plus, Don’t make your commute too strenuous. That will only mean that you must climb that hill at night after a long work day.

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4. Exercise in Your Commute

Let’s face facts, we are all spoiled when it comes to cars.

Many people will drive their car for a few blocks to drop off something at a friend’s home. Boring to sit at a desk all day can be boring. It is essential to exercise.

Instead of driving, make your commute more fun by turning it into exercise. You can commute to work by rollerblading.

5. Rollerblading skill

You need to be in good physical condition to ride your rollerblades.

To rollerblade, we need to have strong core muscles.

Balance is the most crucial element to remember. Rollerblading can help you with your balance.

If you have trouble standing on your skates or fall frequently, rollerblading to work isn’t the best option.

What else should you be aware of?

  • Motions
  • Brakes
  • How to Turn
  • Use safety pads
  • Slow down
  • Learn all the basics

6. Is Rollerblading Better Than Walking?

Let’s explore the most popular mode of commuting. Walking is a common way to commute. Rollerblading burns more calories per hour than walking. It doesn’t really matter, as you’re trying to get to places.

Rollerbladers burn an average of 8.7 calories each minute. Walking burns 6.2 calories. Rollerblading is a great way to commute faster, and it puts more effort. You also get more exercise, including your core. Rollerblading can be a lot of fun.

7. Stretch your muscles

Rollerblading anywhere requires that you be in good physical condition.

Stretch your muscles before you skate. You want to be able to commute quickly, so stretch all of your muscles. Even after you’re done.

No matter your age or skill level, every person will be injured if they don’t allow their bodies to move freely while blading.

This is particularly important when you’re skating long distances.

8. Bump in The Road

Bumpy surfaces can be challenging to rollerblade on.

Planning your route early will help you choose the best routes. Rollerbladers love the feeling of being on smooth, flat asphalt that can slide easily.

You should therefore stick to rollerblading along smoother roads.

Find quiet places to commute to work. It is better to ride on a sidewalk with no people than one filled with them.

9. Pay Attention to The Way You Smell

Everyone who commutes must be mindful of their hygiene.

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You should be able to smell fresh, even if you’re only commuting by train or car.

Be aware that you will sweat if you’re walking, bicycling, or rollerblading to work.

You can sweat by rollerblading to work too. Sweat is not appealing. Rollerblading in a fancy work suit would be a disaster.

To avoid people judging on you, bring some change of clothes and a spare deodorant.

10. Rollerblading Through Traffic

Traffic can be a nightmare if you are stuck in traffic. It is also a waste of gas to sit in traffic.

Rollerbladers will still run into traffic even though they have planned their route. Take note of the times that all those cars gather around stop lights.

11. Spare Clothing

I’m proud to announce that I have successfully rollerbladed to work for the first time.

Oh, wait. I forgot to bring a pair of shoes. Never. Forget. To. Bring. Regular. Shoes.

This should never happen to you. People who drive to work or use another mode of transportation have all they need. Travel light. You don’t want to carry a heavy backpack because it will only put pressure on your back. You should bring a bag with clothes and other items to work.

12. Avoiding Crowds

It’s not just cars that are crowded. It’s people too. What happens when the sidewalk is clogged with people?

People walking along the sidewalk do not expect you to be there.

They are not going at the same pace as you.

Pay attention to the people around you and be aware of them.

It’s not fun to be in a crowd. Even if your skills are exceptional, you should always be aware of other cyclists when rollerblading.

You should always follow the traffic’s direction and not weave in the opposite direction.

You may be hit by them from the sidelines, injuring you or them. Take responsibility.

13. When is the Best Time to Leave Your Home

You should only go for a trial run if you don’t know how long it will take to get there.

Most commuters must do this anywhere they go, whether they drive, use a bus or take the train.

It is important to be early. This saying is true. You are better off being on time than late. Make an impression. If you plan to rollerblade to work, make sure you arrive on time.

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14. The Outlook of The Weather

Cars are a blessing.

It is not recommended to rollerblade in the rain.

Also, don’t rollerblade through puddles. Any water that gets on the wheels will cause them to wear.

Also, It is tough to stop on wet surfaces.

You should carefully consider the weather conditions when you plan to rollerblade to your destination.

It is better to avoid rollerblading if it looks good in the morning but turns sour in the afternoon.

Rollerblade only on sunny days.

15. Storing Your Rollerblades

You should bring an extra bag to store your rollerblades.

It’s not a good idea to leave your rollerblades out where others might trip over them.

16. How Important it is to Maintain Your Rollerblades

Rollerblading is great for core muscles.

But how do your rollerblades hold out? Because the more you skate and put more weight (and friction!) on the inner side of the wheel. Soon your wheels will be less symmetrical.

Skating will become more difficult over time due to the wear of rollerblades. It is advisable to rotate the wheels on your rollerblades and change their positions once in a while.

17. Rollerblading in Darkness is not Recommended

People who use rollerblading to commute to work should know the time.

Rollerblade in daylight on days when the sun sets just before you leave for work.

In the dark, you can’t see anything. People don’t see you.

This is especially true if you travel when the sun sets down earlier.

You can plan your travels by knowing when the sun rises and sets ahead of time.

It is not a good idea to be lost in the dark.

Wrapping Up Rollerblading to Work

Rollerblading to commute to work is a great way to get around.

Rollerblading is a great way to beat traffic and arrive on time at work.

Rollerblading is also cheaper than other options like bicycling because it costs less for inline skates to purchase than a bicycle.

Rollerblading has many health benefits, including improved cardiovascular function.

If you consider giving rollerblading a try at work, I encourage you to do so.

Always remember, wear protective gear, and be careful.


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