People are constantly looking for ways to lose weight and stay healthy.

As a rule of thumb, Weight-watchers aims to reduce calories to meet their fitness goals.

Many workouts can burn excess calories. Aerobic exercises are popular because they increase metabolism and speed up the pulse rate.

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Running, walking, and cycling are some of the most popular cardio exercises.

An alternative can help you lose weight while still having fun. As a weight management exercise, inline skating is becoming more popular.

Many people have a persistent question: How many calories does rollerblading burn, and is it worth it?

What are the Average Calories Burned by Rollerblading per Hour?

It is essential to realize that each aspect of this is individual and can be affected by many factors.

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So, How many calories does rollerblading burn? It all depends on your body weight. A person who is 160 lbs will burn approximately 913 calories an hour of rollerblading.

A 200-pound person will burn 1,138 calories. A 240-pound person will burn 1,363 calories.

The second factor is how intense your training is. The faster you train, the more calories are burned.

Online calculators can be used to calculate how many calories you have burned.

Simply enter the time you spent rollerblading along with your weight to get an average number of calories burned.

How Can We Calculate How Many Calories are Burned by Inline Skating

This calculation uses the MET value of Inline Skating (Metabolic Equivalent to Task).

Inline skating’s MET value is 7.4. The MET value is multiplied by the person’s kilogram body weight.

Then we multiplied by 0.0175 and the duration in minutes.

A person weighs: 180 lbs
MET value of Inline Skating: 7.4
Time: 30 minutes
The calorie calculation for Inline Skating for 30 minutes is as follows:

(180/2.20462) * 7.4 * 0.0175 * 30 minutes = 317

Inline skating burns 317 calories for 30 minutes.


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